Elsa’s Monster Trumps

I found several things over the course of this week in various charity shops. Saturday I found two Inside Out dolls, two more Lego Movie Happy Meal toys, Top Trumps Angel, Top Trumps Doctor Who, My Little Pony, two Miles From Tomorrowland figures, and a guitar playing figure of unknown origin.

On Monday I came back from volunteering with Top Trump Cars, a giant My Little Pony, a Monster High Secret Journal, various little shoes and tiaras, Moshi Monsters, and three Crazy Bones.

Tuesday I found a Zelf, and on Wednesday a large Elsa doll, two Monster High dolls, an Ever After High doll, a Wacky Races annual, a Meg & Mog book, and a Mr Man book (Little Miss Tiny).

Inside Out

Cost: £2.50 each

These dolls talk and light up.

Monster High ~ “Clawdeen Wolf” & “Abbey Bominable”

Cost: £1.00 each

Clawdeen is a Festival Festival doll, and Abbey a Coffee Bean doll. Nether came with clothes (I had Clawdeen’s boots in my box of bits from last year), although they do have some of their little accessories.

Monster High Secret Journal

Cost: £1.00

In good working order, although missing it’s original pen.

Ever After High “Rosabella Beauty”

Cost: £1.50

Rosabella was part of the signature rebels line from 2015. She’s missing her glasses, bracelet, belt and handbag (plus comb and stand).

Frozen: “Elsa” Singing Doll

Cost: £1.50

She tall, she sings and her hands glow whilst she’s doing it!

My Little Pony “Princess Twilight Sparkle”

Cost: £1.00

She sings and her unicorn and wings lights up, plus her head and eyelids move. Her wings flap when rolled forwards.

My Little Pony “Princess Twilight Sparkle”

Cost: £0.50

She’s pearlised and glittery, and from the Explore Equestria line.

The Zelfs “Hightail

Cost: £0.50

It glows in the dark.

The Lego Movie: McDonalds Happy Meal

Cost: £0.50 each

I bought Sweet Mayhem again as she was complete with all her insides.

Miles From Tomorrowland

Cost: £0.10 each

I couldn’t find Mile’s base in the box of toys, so he will just have to lean on Loretta.

Guitar Hero “God Of Rock”

Cost: £0.50

I love his super cool knight and dragon guitar! He’s missing the amp his foot rests on in order to stand up.

Crazy Bones

Cost: £0.10 each

Moshi Monster

Cost: £0.10 each

Poppet keyring and pencil topper.

Unknown Horsey Figure

Cost: £0.10

This pony had been in the little toy box for weeks and I always picked it up then put it back. This time I bought it! It’s missing its tail.

Various Doll Accessories

Cost: £0.10

Various odds and sods which would otherwise have gotten lost in the bottom of the toy box.

Pokemon: Tazo #155 Cyndaquil

Cost: (with the 10p lot above)

Top Trumps

Cost: £0.99 (Dr Who), £0.50 (Cars) & £0.99 (Angel)

I found the Buffy set not too long ago, so was most pleased to find Angel. The cars set comprises of the ugliest cars around at the time as far as I can tell!

Little Miss Tiny

Cost: £0.50

I prefer Mr Men to Little Miss, but this is an older book so snapped it up.

“Owl At School” by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

Cost: £0.50

Hanna-Barbera: Wacky Races Annual [1976]

Cost: £1.50