Hello Twist Lips!

Yesterday’s charity shop goodies included a Swatch watch, three little Hello Kitty figures, a Frankenstein‘s monster keyring and five Twistheads. All for £1.00!

SWATCH watch “Disco Vibe”

Cost: £0.10

This watch is from 2007. The eight circles which make up the lips move around as the minute hand moves turning back into lips once an hour (or there abouts!).

I have two articles on SWATCH over at Retro Musings:

Swatch Watch ~ Watch Adverts [1983-1995]
These Swatch Watch ads are from 1983 to 1995.

Swatch Watch ~ Geometric Designs [1983-1993]
At the top of the page are my favourite geometric/graphic designs designs from 1983-1993. At the bottom of the page are my favourite Pop Swatch designs from 1988-1993.

Twistheads “Justice League”

Cost: £0.50

I love these little Kinder Egg figures from 2017. There were eight to collect in this set.

Hello Kitty

Cost: £0.30

These little plastic Hello Kitty figures came inside Kinder Surprise Maxi eggs in 2017, and each one originally had a little accessory. There were eight to collect.

Frankenstein’s Monster Keyring

Cost: £0.10

I couldn’t resit him.