Lala Zombie Star

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a carboot sale, and there seemed to be a lot more toot that I remember! Needless to say, I found a few toys regardless, including Novi Stars, Once Upon A Zombie, Monster High, I Love Minnie, Lalaloopsy and My Little Pony. I spent the grand total of £7.00 on this little lot.

The first item I spotted was this Novi StarsAlie Lectric” doll in a box of bits. Sadly she’s missing an arm, which was disguised by the fact her dress was all skewiff and had hair all over the place when I picked her up, but  it’s not too noticeable now she’s on the shelf. She was £1.00, but would have haggled if I’d seen her lack of arm!

I’ve now got three Novi Stars.

This Lalaloopsy GirlsMittens Fluff ‘N Stuff” doll was in a bag with most of her extra accessories for £1.00. The tiny pink Lalaloopsy Littles figure on the bottom right (called “Fairy Fern“) was the first of three items for £1.00.

I then found some My Little Ponies. The large one is a G3 pony from 2005 called “Sweet Summertime” and was 50p. Applejack with tinsel hair is a G4 Rainbow Power pony was was also 50p. The little figure is G3 from 2007, a Ponyville mini called “Sweetie Belle” and was the second of three items for £1.00.

This Once Upon A ZombieRapunzel” doll was 50p as her leg was broken (but included). I found her brush in the box of toys too.

I’ve repaired her leg, and the leg of the other Rapunzel doll I have which also snapped off in the same place. This version has her dress and much longer hair than the doll I found back in 2017.

I Love Minnie was 50p. She was wearing a Monster High dress as a top, and I also found a MH brush in the same little box of toys which was included in the price.

So, the doll above was wearing this Monster High dress (Roadster “Draculaura”) and also came with the brush. The Monster High suitcase belongs to “Frankie Stein” from the Scaris City of Frights line and was the third of three items for £1.00.

I thought I was all done, but on the way out I spotted this Monster High beauty for £2.00! She’s a Frightfully Tall GhoulsFrankie Stein” and by far my best buy of the morning.

I’ve now dressed my nudy Monster High dolls from last weeks finds in the spare clothes. Here’s Abbey in the spare Lalaloopsy outfit (cute!) and Clawdeen in Draculaura’s dress.