Madball Brush Styles

The weekend away visiting the folks scored me four kids annuals, a book on fashion and a Taschen book of 1940’s adverts. They were all £1.00-£1.50 each.

Playschool ~ Annual 1976

This annual includes several fairytale.

Basil Brush ~ Annual 1977

Basil Brush in some very 1970’s outfits!

Buck Rogers In The 25th Century ~ Annual 1981

You can almost here a disco soundtrack when opening this annual!

Madballs ~ Annual 1987

I don’t know anything about Madballs (yet), but may well look into them to add to Ghost Of The Doll at some point.

All-American Ads 40’s ~ Taschen

I’ve got several in this series and they are all excellent. I’ve just finished going through Life magazine from the 1940’s for Retro Musings, so know most of the ads in this book quite well now!

Pop Styles ~ Ted Polhemus and Lynn Procter [1984]

“An A-Z guide to the world where fashion meets Rock ‘n’ Roll”

This a a truly superb book (ex Bath Library). As the sub heading suggests, it is lain out alphabetically, looking at all aspects of fashion from Afros to Zips. It’s full of photos and interesting facts as well as little back-magazine ads now lost to the wardrobe of time.

This book, along with several other by these authors are available 2nd-hand on Amazon for very little money.