Rabid Cactus Monster

Last weeks finds included Lalaloopsy, Monster High (doll and purse), My Little Pony (two ponies and a tin), Lego & Fabuland figures, Twistheads, TokiDoki and Rabbids. I also found a rather nice Kimmidoll bookend.

Lalaloopsy: Silly Hair “Bea Spells a Lot”

Cost: £2.00

I found another Silly Hair doll called Bea Spells a Lot, who is wearing Jewel Sparkles dress (the doll I bought last week), which was a spot of luck (same shop)! They are now dressed correctly.

TokiDoki “Sandy”

Cost: £0.50

I’ve never come across TokiDoki characters before, but am smitten!

Monster High: Freaky Fusion “Bonita Femur”

Cost: £2.50

She was reduced from £4.00, but would have paid that if I’d seen her at that price anyway. She’s missing her hair accessory but still had her belt (which was in her hair) and shoes.

Monster High: Purse

Cost: £0.25

A little plastic coin purse.

My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle Seapony [G4]

Cost: £1.00

This is the second seapony I have found, although this one is much larger. She has lovely sparkly eyes and wings.

My Little Pony: Happy Tin

Cost: £0.50

I bought this solely for the tin (also called Collectors Tin), although it is actually complete inside. It has a storybook, activity book, colouring book, four pens, a double-sided poster, and a sheet with lots of little stickers.

Fast Food Toys: My Little Pony (McDonalds) + Rabbids (Burger King)

Cost: £0.25 each

I found the same pony a few week back, but this one has nicer hair. I love the Rabbids eyes! They are both from 2018.

Lego, Fabuland & Twistheads

Cost: £1.00 + £0.25

The Lego and Fabuland figures were part of a two for £1.00 deal, with various figures on a board. The lady in the shop wouldn’t let me buy just one, so I picked the blue space-knight too. I love Fabuland, which I had as a child (and still have most of the figures). I never had the mouse.

The Twistheads is DC Comics Catwoman.

Kimmidoll: “Ayame” Book End

Cost: £0.50

There was only one, but she’s lovely.