The Best Of Monster Dolly

I found an excellent mixture of items in Westcliff’s various charity shops on Saturday, including three LP’s, two annuals (Jackie & Magpie), a little Bagpus, a Lalaloopsy doll, a plush Moshi Monster, and my best find of the day, a Dolly Surprise doll from 1987!


“Her ponytail grows right before your eyes!”

Dolly Surprise were produced by Playskool / Hasbro in 1987-1990. They were a line of 10 inch dolls with hair growing abilities. When her right arm was raised up her ponytail would “magically” grow by over 3 inches. Her left arm, when raised up and down, would wind the ponytail back in to her head.

This one is called Prima Ballerina, and there was both a black and a white version. She’s missing her ballet slippers and hair decoration, but works perfectly still. It’s been years since I’ve seen any of these dolls in a charity shop, so was most excited to fine her! She cost £1.50.

The Moshi Monsters plush is called “Katsuma” and could do with a wash, as could the little Bagpus. They were 50p each.

This Lalaloopsy Littles doll called “Tiny Mite” cost me 50p. She’s missing her little friend but is otherwise complete.


The ITV show Magpie was a more hip version of the BBC’s Blue Peter show, running from 1968 to 1980. This annual is from 1974 and has some super illustrations inside. It was 50p.

I love the inner cover illustrations.

I bought this large format “Best Of Jackie” for £4.00 which covers 1974-78 (published 2005). I began buying Jackie around 1988 when it was much more photographic rather than illustrated, but it but had all the same kind of articles I used to devour (fashion, quizzes, boys).


I bought three LP’s, although not all in the same shop, and they were £1.00 each. It turns out I already had one of them (The Power Of Classic Rock), so back to the charity shop with it next sort out!

Wally Whyton “50 More All-Time Children’s Favourites” [1969]

You can’t beat a bit of Wally Whyton, especially when the LP cover has psychedelic toys on the cover!

Side 1 Side 2
Some Nice People

  • A1 – Jack & Jill
  • A2 – JOld Mother Hubbard
  • A3 – JFrere Jacques
  • A4 – JTom, Tom The Pipers Son
  • A5 – JYankee Doodle
  • A6 – JCape Cod Boys

Some Strange People

  • A7 – JAiken Drum
  • A8 – JTaffy Was A Welshman
  • A9 – JThere Was A Crooked Man
  • A10 – JThe Farmers In His Den
  • A11 – JSolomon Grundy
  • A12 – JElsie Marley

Folk Songs

  • A13 – JGo Tell Aunt Rhody
  • A14 – JThe Big Ship Sails On The Alley-O
  • A15 – JWhen I First Came To This Land
  • A16 – JDid You Ever, Ever

Some Animal Songs

  • A17 – JThe Pussycat Ate The Dumpling
  • A18 – JDing Dong Bell
  • A19 – JThere Was A Mouse
  • A20 – JThe Squirrel
  • A21 – JA Fox Went Out

Join In The Chorus

  • A22 – JGimme Crack Corn
  • A23 – JComing Round The Mountain
  • A24 – JSkip To My Lou
  • A25 – JClementine
Some Dancing Songs

  • B1 – JIn And Out The Window
  • B2 – JDashing Away With The Smoothing Iron
  • B3 – JTen Green Bottles
  • B4 – JBe-Bo-Babbity
  • B5 – JThe Mulberry Bush
  • B6 – JLet’s Pretend
  • B7 – JA Rare Bog, A Rattlin’ Bog

Some Jingles

  • B8 – JIt’s Raining, It’s Pouring
  • B9 – JRound And Round The Garden
  • B10 – JClap Hands, Clap Hands
  • B11 – JThere Was An Old Woman
  • B12 – JThis Little Pig
  • B13 – JRain, Rain, Go Away
  • B14 – JTwo Little Dicky Birds

More Folk Songs

  • B15 – JOh Dear What Can The Matter Be
  • B16 – JSuckin’ Cider
  • B17 Where Are You Going To
  • B18 Johnny Cuckoo
  • B19 Paper Of Pins

Some Seasonal Songs

  • B20 – JThere’s A Party Here Today
  • B21 – JHot Cross Buns
  • B22 – JThe North Wind
  • B23 – JI Saw Three Ships
  • B24 – JWe Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • B25 – JThe Twelve Days Of Christmas

Pinky & Perky’s Pop Parade [1975]

Bought entirely for “Kung Fu Fighting”. I was not disappointed.

Side 1 Side 2
  1. Sing Baby Sing
  2. Rock Your Baby
  3. There’s A Whole Lotta Loving
  4. Baby Love
  5. Only Yesterday
  6. Love Me Love My Dog
  1. Billy – Don’t Be A Hero
  2. Shame, Shame, Shame
  3. Oh Boy
  4. Kung Fu Fighting
  5. You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me
  6. Bye Bye Baby