The Pretty Postman’s Weekly Woman

My visit to Bath to see the folks at the end of the month was most fruitful on the charity shop front! I bought thirteen Woman’s Weekly magazines from 1972, Pretty In Pink the novel, a Postman Pat LP, Jackie Annual 1985 and a photo book all about Frances Ford Coppola’s “Dracula” movie.

Pretty In Pink
A Novel by H.B. Gilmour Based On The Screenplay By John Hughes

Cost: £1.00

From the back cover:

“I live on the outside. There’s something to be said for having nothing.”

Andie Walsh is pretty and smart. She has her own style and a kind of pride as unique and personal as the way she dresses. But to the rich kids at school, Andie’s a nothing – a “zoid”.

Andie couldn’t care less what the richies think. She’s happy with her own friends, like devoted, goofy Duckie Dale. Then Blane McDonough – the ultimate richie – enters her life.

Never in a million years did Andie dream she’d fall for a guy like Blane. But when they’re together, nothing else seems to matter. Until Blane asks her to prom – and his crowd starts pressuring him to dump her. Nobody said love was easy, but does it have to hurt so much?

Not as bad as at first I thought it was going to be! I like the fact the ending is based on an earlier version of the screen play, and for me works far better (go team Duckie!). I read the book, then watched the movie right afterwards.

Postman Pat
Story And Music From The Television Series

Cost: £1.00

Released in 1982.

Jackie Annual ’85
“To Warm Up Your Winter!”

Cost: £1.00

Quizzes, boys, make-up, boys, fashion, boys, photo-stories, boys.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula ~ The Film And The Legend
Frances Ford Coppola & James Hart

Cost: £1.99

This is the official pictorial book tie-in to the film, and includes the complete screenplay, colour photos and drawings, excerpts from the book, historical links and more.

Woman’s Weekly

Cost: £6.50 (50p each)

Myself, mum and step pater all sat down and read these on our return from shopping! The were twelve from 1972 and one from 1971.

Front Covers