The Sleeping Pop-Up Boohbah

I bought a few items on a visit to my favourite charity shop last weekend, including a Boohbah, Furby and various books.


Cost: £1.00

I think this is a pyjama case, but could also be used as a hot waterbottle cover.

Furby Connect – McDonald’s Happy Meal

Cost: £0.10

Just three more of the 2016 Furby’s to find now!

“Fancy That!” – Jan Pienkowski
Minipops, Orchard Books,  1989

Cost: £0.05

This little book contains five pop-ups.

“Sleeping Beauty” – Illustrations by Susan Aspey
A Little Owl Book, 1979

Cost: £0.05

“In My Town” – Illustrations by Richard Scarry
Hamlyn Golden Look-Look Books, 1977

Cost: £0.05

Games You Make & Play
Pia Hsiao, Neil Lorimer & Nick Williams, 1975

Cost: £0.25