Brush-a-Loves :: Kiss-a-Loves

"Beautiful Brush-a-Loves and Li'l Brush-a-Loves need the loving care of little girls to keep them stay their best. Little girls will love using the Brush-a-Loves special brush-in-tail to brush, comb and style each of these sweetly scented little cuties!"

Brush-a-Loves were produced by Tyco, AmToy and Matchbox in 1987-89. They were plush bears about 10 inches high with brushes on the ends of their tails, a mirror attached to their right paw and a scented powder puff on their left. Alongside them came Li'l Brush-a-Loves, scented dog like creatures with a loop on their bellies so they could be worn like a bracelet, and a brush on the end of their tails. There were also Kiss-a-Loves which were only released in UK/Europe by Matchbox. They were small flocked plastic versions of the Brush-a-Loves with a furry tail with a brush on the end.

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"Give me a hug and I'll give you a scented kiss. Style my hair with the brush in my tail."

Kiss-a-Loves were flocked plastic figures about 6 inches high. They had brushable hair and long fur tails with a brush on the end. There were six in total, each a different colour, pose and scent. When their tummies were squeezed they blew a puff of perfumed air. They were only sold in UK/Eurorpe and they didn't have individual names.


These Euro packaging were all blister packs.

The UK packaging were all boxed.

As was quite common, the back packaging image showed the toys in different colours and poses from how they were actually produced.