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"The Sleepy Giants of '87!"

DinoSnores were produced by Commonwealth Toys in 1987-88. They were small set of colourful, plush, sleepy-looking dinosaures with a rattle inside to make them snore.

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Images thanks to eBay sellers Found Treasures by Borzoi-Booklady, Jara Toys, TheAtomicStarr, Small Fries Discount Depot, Bonanza seller raydeogirl and forum member newantonius!

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These plush dinosaurs were about 10 inches high and had a rattle inside which made snoring sounds. The publicity text mentions DinoMites (as in the image below), and it also mentions Dinoeggs (plush eggs) and Dinobones. I've also found images of four other DinorSnores, so the line seems to have expanded from the first run.

These six plush dinosaures (as above) are marked DinoMites:

Blue DinoMite
Blue DinoMite
Green DinoMite

Pink DinoMite
Purple DinoMite
Yellow DinoMite

Where do these two guys fit in? The one on the left is dressed in removable shorts, with fixed trainers and sunglasses. The one on the right looks more like an animal that a dinosaur.

Blue DinoSnore
Pink DinoSnore

These two DinoSnores below are smaller than the ones above, so more like babies.

Small Orange DinoSnore

Small Blue DinoSnore

I found an image of a plush toddler-sized rocker in a catalogue.

DinoSnore Rocker

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