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"Sweet, unique and fun to collect!"

Dream Garden were produced by Trendmasters from 1997-98. They were a series of musical plant pot playsets with little scented babies and animal nannies. There were also several soft babies and and a few pets.

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There were two "Rock-a-Byes" playsets produced, and two versions of each set. They were dated 1997. The large fruit was also a necklace, and the pots played music and giggling baby sounds.

Each set came with 3 babies and a nanny, 3 bottles, 2 swings and a fruit necklace.

Lemon Drop

"Rock-A-Bye babies drift off to dreamland in the Dream Garden Rock-A-Cye playset! Magical _ and swaying lulls babies to sleep in the enchanted garden! Discover 3 lemon scented babies and their nanny!"

This playset was produced with a yellow flower and a pink flower.

Dream GardenDream Garden

The back packaging was the same for both versions.

Dream Garden

Dream Garden

Dream GardenDream GardenDream Garden

There were two different nannies, shared between the four sets.

Dream GardenDream Garden


This playset was produced with an orange flower and a blue flower.

Dream GardenDream GardenDream Garden

Dream GardenDream Garden

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