"Furrever Friends are the hottest new way to get all dolled up with style!"

Furrever Friends were a short lived series produced by Kenner from 1986 to 1988. The plush toys had velcro attached tails which could be extended to any length affordable via "Tail Toppers", while the Clip n' Tail series had plastic bodies which when squeezed would open up the front paws so they could clip onto things

Images on this page thanks to Anjalee and Branded In The 80s!


There was at least one playset produced for the plush Furrever Friends to play in called Carry Case. The pink expandable tube could carry a plush kitty with tail toppers attached and looped together so it could be held via the handle.

The Carry Case came with:

  • Carry Case
  • 3 ribbons (blue, pink & yellow)
  • Blue brush/mirror & comb
  • 1 Tail Topper
  • 1 fabric flower on elastic band
  • 1 pink bow on elastic band

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