MLP Year 4 had five sets of ponies, a new Megan & Sundance, the introduction of Molly & Baby Sundance and a new set of Plush Ponies. There were also several non US variations and alternatives. There was one set of special offer ponies, six playsets (including two re-issues), one accessory and three pony wear sets.

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Year 4 ~ Contents

Accessories & Playsets



Pony Wear

Collectors Ponies

"Do you remember Cotton Candy, Blossom, Minty, Snuzzle, Blue Belle, and Butterscotch? They remember you!"

In early 1986 the six Original Ponies from Year 1 were re-issued as a special offer, which was available for two years in various forms. They had regular concave feet (rather than flat like the originals) and were a slightly different shape to fit in with the current design.

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Blossom Blue Belle Butterscotch

Type: Earth
Body: Purple
Hair: Purple
Symbol: Flowers
Type: Earth
Body: Blue
Hair: Purple
Symbol: Stars
Type: Earth
Body: Orange
Hair: Orange
Symbol: Butterflies

Cotton Candy Minty Snuzzle

Type: Earth
Body: Pink
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Dots
Type: Earth
Body: Green
Hair: White
Symbol: Clover
Type: Earth
Body: Gray
Hair: Pink
Symbol: Hearts

"Every day promises delightful surprises on the far side of the rainbow."

They were packaged in clear cellophane packets with a little fold-out poster inside.

"Cotton Candy is often caught nibbling a sweet treat from Blossom's Garden. Butterscotch plays hide-and-seek with all the butterflies and honeybees. Blue Belle adores anything blue - especially blue ribbons and blueberries. Minty closes her eyes and makes a special wish with a four-leaf clover from the meadow. On sunny days, Snuzzle likes to take a leisurely nap under the rainbow."

This is a flat foot pony side by side with the same concave foot pony for comparison.

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