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"Mix 'em, match 'em, roll 'em , change 'em, pose 'em, bounce 'em. They're a ball to be around!"

Nerfuls were produced by Parker Brothers in USA, Kenner in the UK and Cromy in Argentina from 1985-87. They consisted of 3-pieces - hat/hair, ball-face and plastic body. All the parts were interchangeable and the ball-face itself could bounce.

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There were several Nerfuls accessories produced, although many shown in the leaflet seem to have been unproduced.

Games and Puzzles
Argantinean Card Game
Nifty Nerfuls Card Game
Belly Floppers Game
  • Nifty Nerfuls Card Game - 5 different games you play with one round deck of cards, featuring your favorite Nerfuls characters! [unreleased item]
  • Nerfuls Belly Floppers Game - Players catch a wave of fun with this 3D action game as they try to flip the Nerfuls character from their diving board into their matching life saver. [unreleased item]

Books & Music
Music LP
  • Books - Follow the adventures of the Nerfuls characters with these colourful illustrated children's books. [unreleased item]
  • Storybook & Cassette - Listen and read along as the Nerfuls take you on fun-filled journeys with entertaining cassette and storybook combinations. [unreleased item]
  • Music LP - Dance & sing along with the nerfuls as they come to life on exciting albums and cassettes featuring original songs and music!
Activities Items
Giant Dot-To-Dot Book
Magic Slate

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