Polly Pocket Bundle - 6 Dolls & Rubber Clothing (Mattel 2012)


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6 Polly Pocket dolls plus rubber outfits from c.2012. All dolls are jointed at the neck, shoulders and thighs. Two of these dolls, plus the outfits they are wearing, are from the Sporty Fun set.

Included is:

  • 6 dolls (4 different and 2 doubles)
  • 7 peices of rubber clothing
  • 4 pairs of rubber shoes and 1 odd
  • 1 surf board

Marked "Mattel". Dolls measure 9.5 to 10cm high.

All dolls in good clean condition, as are most of the clothes (the dress has lost the back parts of its straps, the plain pink shorts are well worn as is one of the pink tops). See photos for more detail.

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