Sindy "Disco Diva" (Pedigree/New Moons/Chad Valley 2002)


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Sindy "Disco Diva" doll, produced by New Moons or Chad Valley after 2002 for the UK market. I thought at first her hair had gone  frizzy, but research shows it was designed like that . I’ve braided it to make sure it doesn’t become knotted, which looks quite cool! Jointed at neck, shoulders, waist and hips. Knees are "click" bendable. It was hard work identifying this doll and she is very hard to find. Her dress originally belonged to High School Musical 2: Sing Together "Sharpay".

Body and head marked "PD&T (Pedigree Dolls & Toys) 2002". Measures 27cm high.

Good clean condition. See photos for more detail.

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