Despicable Me 2: 8 Minions Bundle (McDonald's 2013)


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McDonald's Happy Meal "Despicable Me 2" bundle of eight Minions, from the animated movie sequal of 2013.

Included is:

  • Evil Minion Chomper (jaws open up)
  • Evil Minion Noise Maker (blow through)
  • Jerry Whistle (blow through)
  • Phil Jelly Gun (blow through)
  • Stuart Babbler Grabber (button on back makes him clap and he babbles - batteries working)
  • Tim Giggling (shake up and down)
  • Tim Babbler (press hand - batteries very low but just about audible)
  • Tom Googly Eyes Grabber (button on back makes him clap and move eyes)

Marked "McDonalds - Universal Studios - 2013". Measure around 8cm high.

A few little marks here and there, but otherwise in good clean condition. See photos for more detail.

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