Golden Touch Typing ~ Adverts [1950’s]

“It’s like wearing magic gloves!” These adverts by Underwood date from 1956-58. They feature an array of amazed looking secretaries and bosses who don’t seem to be quite looking at the typewriters which are being worked by an elegant pair of long golden gloved hands. May be the typewriters are just too amazing to look directly at, or the shiny gold gloves are blinding them.

Catalogue Santa’s [1960’s – 1990’s]

Just enough time to squeeze one more Christmas related post, featuring creepy life-like Santa masks, fake fire places and festive piñatas found in a selection of US seasonal catalogues.

Children’s Character Christmas LP’s [1980’s]

Here’s a selection of children’s character Christmas LP covers from the 1980’s, featuring Barbie, Pac-Man, Strawberry Shortcake and more!

Vintage Christmas Alcohol Adverts [1950s-60’s]

Here is a selection of vintage Christmas alcohol adverts from 1950-60’s.

Christmas Cigarette Adverts [1960-1969]

“Remember all your friends who remember how great cigarettes used to taste.”

Here are a few vintage Christmas cigarette adverts from 1960-69.

Singer Sewing Machine ~ Christmas Adverts [1950s-1970’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas sewing machine adverts from 1950-70’s.

Paper Mate ~ Christmas Stationary Adverts [1960-1966]

“Goof-Proof Gifts!”
These Christmas themed Paper Mate pen ads date from 1960-66, some of which feature comedian Joe E Brown.

Christmas Soft Drink Adverts [1950’s-1960’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas food and drink adverts from 1950-60’s.

Christmas Food Adverts [1950s-1960’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas food adverts from 1958-61. And for after your cranberry-mayo candle feast, Alka-Selzer.

Christmas Decoration Adverts [1959-1961]

Here are some Christmas decoration adverts from 1959-61.

Jet Magazine ~ Christmas Covers [1973-1985]

“Xmas greetings from the stars!”
Here is a selection of cheesy Jet magazine Christmas covers from 1973 to 1985.

Fletcher’s Castoria ~ Laxative Adverts [1939-1941]

These adverts for Fletcher’s Castoria date from 1939-1941 and feature a lot of finger pointing, angry parents, threats of spanking, and constipated children. There’s also lot of talk about how sensitive a child’s constitution is, but a good whack with a slipper was obviously fine!

Mattel’s Million Dollar Christmas Sweepstakes [1967]

Here’s a wonderful six page spread from Mattel I found in a LIFE magazine dated November 24th 1967. Shame it’s forty eight years too late to enter!

Kooky Spooks – Halloween Costumes & Makeup Kits [1980’s]

Giant Glow-Up Costume Kits
These crazy Halloween costumes were produced in 1979/1980 by Spearhead Industries.

PAAS – Halloween Make-Up Kits ~ Packaging & Adverts [1980’s]

“Kids! This Halloween you can be the creatures you really are!”
PAAS Halloween make-up kits were produced from 1984, and there were six different sets made at first.

Showtime Adult Halloween Makeup Kits ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“This Halloween don’t be just another face in the crowd.”
These makeup kits were aimed at adults and came with glitter and metallic colours. They were produced by Plough in 1985 and 1987.

Children’s Character Costume Sewing Patterns [1980’s-1990’s]

With Halloween just a few days away, I thought it would be fun to look up some 1980’s & 1990’s TV, toy and movie based fancy dress sewing patterns. They range from fun to the down right bizarre!

Toy Costume & Mask Sets by Ben Cooper & Collegeville [1980’s]

Ahh, Halloween. That time of year when you dig out the old flame retardant vinyl costumes and creepy, creepy face masks of your favourite childhood toys…

Lee Fits America ~ Menswear Adverts [1974-1979]

Between 1974-79 Lee produced a series of adverts with simple bright coloured backdrops to show off their new clothing, and was topped off with some splendid text. The later ads included the “Lee Fits America” slogan.

Munsingwear “For Men Who Do Things” ~ Underwear Adverts [1942-1946]

In the early 1940’s, Munsingwear produced a selection of adverts featuring sports and work related activities. They remind me of paper dolls, but with more bending over (as you would expect from Munsingwear).

Toni “Epic-Waves” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1989]

“No more poodle-tight perms, monstrous commitments or not-so-funny between-perm droops.”
I love this set of adverts for Toni’s “Epic-Waves” try-on perms from 1989, featuring porcelain clown, poodle and Bride of Frankenstein faces, and big 80’s hair!

Crazy Sixties Sunglasses [1960’s]

Check out these groovy 1960’s white-framed shades. Sunglasses just too small? How about a welders shield attached to a headband?

Buffy Make-Up & Hairstyling Set [1970’s]

I came across this fearful 1970’s styling head recently. I love the packaging with the housewife-to-hooker before and after effect. Produced by Amsco (Milton Bradley) in 1971, it was just one of the many merchandising products released for the US TV show “Family Affair” in which Buffy was one of the characters.

Fist Faces – Remco [1960’s]

“Your fist becomes a real face.”
I came across this little game yesterday. Produced by Remco in 1966, the box consisted of very little: four plastic nose-eye combos, a bit of fur, an old rag and a pen – “for hours of play and fun”. Well, it’s better than a punch in the face, I guess.

The Kleenex Boutique Collection ~ Toilet Tissue Adverts [1968-1971]

“The Kleenex Boutique Collection is in… and bathroom tissue has gone glorious. Gone honest-to-Kleenex soft!”
Kleenex Boutique was produced from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. Bold colours and crazy paisley toilet paper and tissues, perfect to colour co-ordinate with your furry toilet seat cover!

Soft-Weve ~ Toilet Tissue Adverts [1957-1959]

In 1957-59, Soft-Weve (by Scott) produced some beautiful fairytale style adverts for their toilet tissue. Featuring glamorous ladies wearing dresses specially designed to match the colourful toilet rolls they so decorously caress, it is easy to forget just what is being advertised!

Tron ~ See Hear Read

I found this book today in a charity shop (25p) and it bought back memories of reading Back To The Future over and over accompanied by my brick-like cassette player (much like the one featured on the back of this book). Unfortunately the Tron book no longer had the cassette tape, but due to the wonders of the internet I found a digital copy. Some of these movie based books used photos from the actual film, whereas this one is illustrated.

Small World by Avon [1970’s]

“Loveable. Collectable. That’s Avon’s Small World!”
Christmas of 1970, Avon began to produce an adorable line of cosmetics and bath items for girls called “Small World”. It was based on Disney’s “It’s A Small World” ride, with characters designed by Mary Blair.