Underwood “Golden Touch” ~ Typewriter Adverts [1956-1958]

“It’s like wearing magic gloves!”
These ads for Underwood “Golden Touch” typewriters date from 1956-58.

Catalogue Santa’s [1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s & 1990’s]

Just enough time to squeeze one more Christmas related post, featuring creepy life-like Santa masks, fake fire places and festive piñatas found in a selection of US seasonal catalogues.

Children’s Character Christmas LP’s [1980’s]

Here’s a selection of children’s character Christmas LP covers from the 1980’s, featuring Barbie, Pac-Man, Strawberry Shortcake and more!

Christmas Cigarette Adverts [1960-1969]

“Remember all your friends who remember how great cigarettes used to taste.”

Here are a few vintage Christmas cigarette adverts from 1960-69.

Singer Sewing Machine ~ Christmas Adverts [1950s-1970’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas sewing machine adverts from 1950-70’s.

Paper Mate ~ Christmas Stationary Adverts [1960-1966]

“Goof-Proof Gifts!”
These Christmas themed Paper Mate pen ads date from 1960-66, some of which feature comedian Joe E Brown.

Christmas Decoration Adverts [1959-1961]

Here are some Christmas decoration adverts from 1959-61.

Jet Magazine ~ Christmas Covers [1973-1985]

“Xmas greetings from the stars!”
Here is a selection of cheesy Jet magazine Christmas covers from 1973 to 1985.

Fletcher’s Castoria ~ Laxative Adverts [1939-1941]

“I’m not a bad girl! You’re a bad mommy!”
These adverts for Fletcher’s Castoria date from 1939-1941 and feature a lot of finger pointing, angry parents, threats of spanking, and constipated children.

Mattel’s Million Dollar Christmas Sweepstakes [1967]

Here’s a wonderful six page spread from Mattel I found in a LIFE magazine dated November 24th 1967. Shame it’s forty eight years too late to enter!