Golden Touch Typing ~ Adverts [1950’s]

“It’s like wearing magic gloves!” These adverts by Underwood date from 1956-58. They feature an array of amazed looking secretaries and bosses who don’t seem to be quite looking at the typewriters which are being worked by an elegant pair of long golden gloved hands. May be the typewriters are just too amazing to look directly at, or the shiny gold gloves are blinding them.

Catalogue Santa’s [1960’s – 1990’s]

Just enough time to squeeze one more Christmas related post, featuring creepy life-like Santa masks, fake fire places and festive piñatas found in a selection of US seasonal catalogues.

Children’s Character Christmas LP’s [1980’s]

Here’s a selection of children’s character Christmas LP covers from the 1980’s, featuring Barbie, Pac-Man, Strawberry Shortcake and more!

Vintage Christmas Alcohol Adverts [1950s-60’s]

Here is a selection of vintage Christmas alcohol adverts from 1950-60’s.

Vintage Christmas Cigarette Adverts [1950s-1960’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas cigarette adverts from 1950-1960’s.

Singer Sewing Machine ~ Christmas Adverts [1950s-1970’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas sewing machine adverts from 1950-70’s.

Vintage Christmas Stationary Adverts [1950s-1960’s]

Here’s a selection of Christmas stationary adverts from 1950-60’s.

Vintage Christmas Soft Drink Adverts [1950’s-1960’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas food and drink adverts from 1950-60’s.

Vintage Christmas Shaving Adverts [1950s-60’s]

Here are some vintage Christmas shaving adverts from the 1950-60’s.

Vintage Christmas Food Adverts [1950s-1960’s]

Here are a few vintage Christmas food adverts from 1958-61. And for after your cranberry-mayo candle feast, Alka-Selzer.

Vintage Christmas Decoration Adverts [1950-1960’s]

Here are some Christmas decoration adverts from 1959-63.

Jet Magazine ~ Christmas Covers [1970’s-1980’s]

Today’s festive offering is a selection of cheesy Jet magazine Christmas covers from 1973 to 1985.

Fletcher’s Castoria ~ Laxative Adverts [1939-1941]

These adverts for Fletcher’s Castoria date from 1939-1941 and feature a lot of finger pointing, angry parents, threats of spanking, and constipated children. There’s also lot of talk about how sensitive a child’s constitution is, but a good whack with a slipper was obviously fine!

Mattel’s Million Dollar Christmas Sweepstakes [1967]

Here’s a wonderful six page spread from Mattel I found in a LIFE magazine dated November 24th 1967. Shame it’s forty eight years too late to enter!