Veto ~ Deodorant Adverts [1957]

“Double check your charm every day.”
These Veto deodorant ads are all from 1957.

Foster Grant Sunglasses ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“Isn’t that Peter Sellers behind those Foster Grants?”
From around 1965-68, Foster Grant ran a series of adverts featuring movie stars of the day wearing their sunglasses. Each photo had a quote by the star underneath, plus a few paragraphs about how mysteriously cool shades were. And looking at the photos, it’s hard to disagree!

Naugahyde ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“The Nauga is ugly, but his vinyl hide is beautiful.”
These adverts for Nauga vinyl are all from 1966-67.

Gitano “Eva Joia” ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Eva Joia fun fashions for girls only!”
Here are some Gitano “Eva Joia” girls fashion adverts from 1985-87. I’d totally still wear the knitted cat jumper…

Home Improvements ~ DIY Articles [1969-1975] Popular Mechanics

Build This Patio Appliance Centre
These are my favourite DIY and home improvement projects from various 1969-1975 editions of Popular Mechanic magazine.

Contain Wares ~ Storage Adverts [1986-1989]

“Contain yourself!”
These colourful adverts for Contain Wares date from 1986-89.

Swatch Watch ~ Adverts [1980’s-1990’s]

“Switch To Swatch!”
These Swatch Watch ads are from 1983 to 1995. Swatch are still going strong to this day, with many designs which look straight out of the eighties!

Sticker Madness! ~ Adverts [1984-1987]

Ahh. Memories of scratch n’ sniff stickers! Here are a selection of sticker adverts from 1984-87. I now feel like covering everything in sight in technicolour, scented stickers!

Clowns ~ Valentines Day Greeting Cards

“A rubber neck I seem to be, but you really are my speciality.”
Here’s a selection of creepy clown themed Valentines cards.

Weapons ~ Valentines Day Greeting Cards

“It’s loaded, but only with love for you.”
Here’s a selection of weapon themed Valentines cards, featuring an array of guns, knives, hammers, and even a tank!

Swatch Watch ~ Geometric Designs [1980’s-1990’s]

Swatch (from Swiss Watch) began production in 1983. Below are my favourite geometric/graphic designs designs from 1983-1993. They started off quite plain, but by 1988 they had got really bold!
At the bottom of the page are my favourite Pop Swatch designs from 1988-1993. They first made an appearance in 1987 with a plain strap and face, and became more fancy the following year.

Prince Albert ~ Tobacco Adverts [1944-1949]

“Her eyes light up for the man with P.A!”
These adverts for Prince Albert Cigarettes are from 1944-49. They all feature chaps going about their business, adoring toothy women, perfect hair and pipe appeal!

Viceroy ~ Cigarette Adverts [1970-1971]

“All the taste, all the time.”
These adverts for Viceroy Cigarettes are from 1970-72 and mostly feature fussy couples out shopping, handling the goods with one hand whilst flicking cigarette ash over everything with the other.

Parliament ~ Cigarette Adverts [1961-1963]

“If you like things neat and clean you’ll like Parliament.”
These adverts for Parliament Cigarettes are from 1961-63. They all feature blue backdrops with glamorous, white glove clad women having a smoke.

Silva Thins ~ Cigarette Adverts [1969-1971]

“Get in on thin.”
These sleek, black and white adverts for Silva Thins Cigarettes are from 1969-71.

L&M ~ Cigarette Adverts [1971-1973]

“This is L&M – super bad.”
These adverts for L&M Cigarettes are from 1971-73. They all feature funky smoking couples on dates.

Eve ~ Cigarette Adverts [1971-1972]

“Smoke pretty. Eve.”
These adverts for Eve Cigarettes are from 1971-72. With their floral packaging and filter tips, these cigarettes were marketed solely at women.

Winston ~ Cigarette Adverts [1971-1973]

“How cool it is!”
These funky adverts for Winston Cigarettes are from 1971-73. The men are all situated at the front and looking directly at the viewer, whilst the women are positioned just behind looking on at the men with a range of slightly bemused or grumpy expressions.

Fables and Fabulous Yarns: Knit Fashions for Boys & Girls [1970]

I came across an amazing book of knitting patterns by Columbia-Minerva recently called “Fables and Fabulous Yarns: Knit Fashions for Boys & Girls” (1970). Not only does it the most fabulous photographs inside featuring floral backdrops and slightly creepy stuffed animals, but it also has a short story and poems written by Christie White Dauphin. Concept, photography & lithography by Low’s Inc.

Intarsia Cartoon Sweater Knitting Patterns [1980s-1990’s]

During the 1980’s-1990’s, Intarsia (a UK based company) produced over one hundred super cool knitted jumper patterns of cartoon TV characters (plus a few non-cartoon characters too). They are out of print these days, but still circulate on the second-hand market.

Spud ~ Cigarette Adverts [1939-1940]

“Save with Spuds!”
These adverts for Spud cigarettes are from 1939-40.

Listen Webcor ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1956-1958]

“All music sounds better on a Webcor.”
These Webcor ads for their high fidelity fonografs and tape recorders date from 1956-58.