Canadian Mist “Misting” ~ Whisky Adverts [1977-1988]

“Get in the feeling. Go Misting.”
Canadian Mist’s “Misting” campaign ran from around 1977 to 1985. There was even matching his and hers caftans, jumpsuits, walking sticks and zodiac pendants!

Simmons “Hide-A-Bed” ~ Adverts [1940’s-1950’s]

“World’s smartest sofa hides the world’s most comfortable bed!”
These Hide-A-Bed ads by Simmons date from 1947 to 1956.

Technics CD & Cassette Players ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1980-1986]

“A slight improvement on perfection.”
These Technics CD and cassette player ads date from 1980-86. They are all very sci-fi with dark backgrounds, moonscapes, lasers and grids.

General Electric ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1985-1986]

“No one lets you experience the Power of Music like General Electric.”
These General Electric portable cassette player and hi-fi ads date from 1985-86. Red-Hot-Power!

Toshiba Cassette Players ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1983-1987]

“This deck is loaded.”
These little b/w Toshiba cassette player ads date from 1983-87. Auto-reverse. Twin deck. Graphic equalizers. Anti-roll. What more could you want?

Columbia “Listening In Depth” ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1957-1958]

“A new experience in “360” high-fidelity.”
These Columbia “listening in depth” ads date from 1957-58.

Chuck Norris “Action Jeans” ~ Adverts [1977-1991]

“The Secret? It’s in the crotch.”
Action Jeans (aka Kickin’ Jeans) were produced by Century Martial Arts from 1977 to 1991 and endorsed by Chuck Norris from 1981.

Health Vests ~ Knitting Patterns [1950’s-1960’s]

“As recommended by the medical profession.”
Health vests were obviously quite the thing in England in the 1950’s, and after looking over these knitting patterns you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one.

Sears “The Doesn’t Slip” ~ Lingerie Adverts [1968]

“It doesn’t cling, doesn’t creep, doesn’t twist.”
These four swinging sixties Non-Cling underwear ads by Sears are from 1968.

Kmart Kids Clothing ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Kmart. Yes. Kmart.”
These ads for Kmart kids clothing are all from 1987.

Acrilan ~ Womenswear Adverts [1956]

“Now… jersey you can wash and wear!”
These women’s fashion ads for Acrilan fabric date from 1956.

Acrilan ~ Womenswear Adverts [1955]

“A luxury sweater of Acrilan.”
These women’s fashion ads for Acrilan fabric date from 1955.

Leonardo Strassi ~ Menswear Adverts [1964-1969]

“Peppier than pepperoni and getting hotter every season!”
These ads for men’s Italian clothing line Leonardo Strassi date from 1964-69.

Jaymar Slacks ~ Menswear Adverts [1966-1979]

“Sansabelt… the greatest thing that ever happened to men’s slacks!”
These men’s trouser ads by Jaymar are from 1966-79.

Fisher Body ~ Car Adverts [1962-1968]

“Seat fabrics elegant enough to inspire a famous fashion designer.”
This ad campaign by Fisher Body (an automobile manufacturer owned by General Motors) ran from 1962-68. Many ads feature glamorous models wearing haute couture.

Fisher Body “Hovercar” ~ Car Adverts [1957-1959] Illustrations

“Makes time stand still.”
These amazing space-age style ads for Fisher Body date from 1957-59 and are a collage of photography and illustration.

Pontiac ~ Car Adverts [1959-1969] Illustrations by Art Fitzpatrick & Van Kaufman

“The only car with wide track wheels.”
These lovely illustrations for various Pontiac cars date from 1959-69. The artwork was created by Art Fitzpatrick (AF), who drew the cars, and Van Kaufman (VK), who drew the backgrounds.

Du Pont Paint ~ Decorating Adverts [1958-1959]

“Buy the paint that’s worth the work… the beauty lasts!”
These super adverts for Du Pont paints date from 1958-59.

Toy Kitchen Sets ~ Catalogues [1960’s-1980’s]

“She’ll wash clothes, run water, turn knobs! Busy, busy in her Frigidaire kitchen! It’s all pink… and just her size!”
From mothers little helpers to mini gourmet chefs, here’s a collection of toy kitchen sets from 1962 to 1989.

Creepy Catalogue Clowns [1960’s-1980’s]

Like any normal human being, I have a healthy hatred of clowns. One stood on my foot once, and then there was Poltergeist. That said, here is a collection of clowns from various catalogues dating from 1962 to 1989. My favourite clowns are the ones being punched by small boys.

Hanes Pantyhose “The Great Leg” ~ Adverts [1965-1967]

The great look. The great leg.
Between 1965-67, Hanes released a series of adverts with a distinctly urban feel to them, of which I’ve found four different styles.

Burlington Cameo ~ Pantyhose Adverts [1968-1969]

“You can even bend over and still be a lady.”
These four Burlington Cameo pantyhose adverts date between 1968-69.

Fashion Fair Perfume “Eunece” ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“It’s a girls best friend!”
These four ads for Eunece perfume by Fashion Fair are from 1986-87. These two chaps were fighting over the same lady for a long time!

Borgana ~ Womenswear Adverts [1954-1957]

“Looks more like fur than fur itself.”
These ads for Borgana fake fur coats are from 1954-57.

Frigidaire “Space Age Refrigeration” ~ Adverts [1966]

“Frigidaire announces space age refrigeration!”
These futuristic, sci-fi inspired Frigidaire ads are from 1966. They all feature sixties clad models wearing bubble space helmets (or possibly fish bowls).

Children’s Nightwear ~ Catalogues [1980’s]

Here’s some children’s nightwear from various 1980’s catalogues.

Kelvinator “Foodarama” ~ Adverts [1954-1959]

“And now! Fabulous “Foodarama” by Kelvinator!”
These ads for Kelvinator’s “Foodarama” fridge/freezer are from 1955-59.

International Fashions ~ Menswear Adverts [1972-1975]

“Unmistakable international…unquestionably today’s fashions.”
These ads for International Fashions date from 1970-75. They feature daringly dressed men with a lady hanging around admiringly.