The Baby Machine ~ Newspaper Article [1959]

“And now a ‘space suit’ for mothers to be.”
This is an article from the Daily Express, Friday 20th November 1959 about a new fangled birthing contraption.

Found Under The Carpet ~ Newspaper Adverts [1959]

This selection of newspaper adverts from Nov/Dec 1959 are from various local and national UK papers.

Toys At Woolworths ~ Adverts [1959]

This large full page ad for Woolworths toys is from the Daily Express, Friday November 20th 1959.

La-Z-Boy Chairs ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“A beautiful way to relax.”
These are my favourite ads for La-Z-Boy chairs, dating from 1971-76.

Mele Jewellery Cases ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“Luxurious in every detail.”
These ads for Mele jewellery cases have the most wonderful illustrated backdrops. They are from 1967-68.

Machismo ~ Men’s Fashion Shoot [Ebony, 1970]

“Body-clinging knits stress masculinity with lean, sexy look.”
Ebony magazine’s September 1970 fashion shoot for men, taken in New York Central Park, was based around “machismo”. And striped trousers.

Heublein “Better Than Most People Make” ~ Cocktail Adverts [1964-1967]

“Most people can’t make cocktails as good as these – and I wish they wouldn’t try!”
These ads for Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails date from 1964-67 and featured a large selection of famous actors of the time.

Heublein “Bored and Happy Husband” ~ Cocktail Adverts [1961-1963]

“What this country needs is a good 25¢ Martini!”
These celebrity ads for Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails date from 1961-63.

Heublein: Vincent Price & Billy Pearson ~ Cocktail Adverts [1956]

“Cocktails… for the holidays!”
In Nov-Dec 1956, Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails produced two ads featuring actors Vincent Price and Billy Pearson brandishing a cocktail pitcher.

Heublein “You’ve Got It Made” ~ Cocktail Adverts [1957]

“Martinis on-the-rocks straight from the Heublein bottle.”
These ads for Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails and cordials are from 1957.

Heublein ~ Cocktail Adverts [1957]

“Martinis on-the-rocks straight from the Heublein bottle.”
These celebrity ads for Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails are from 1957.

Home Furnishings & Interior Design [Ebony, 1977]

“Four approaches to beauty and comfort.”
These very 1970’s interior design delights are from a 1977 Ebony magazine article which featured four different apartments.

Heublein ~ Cocktail Adverts [1955-1956]

“Full strength – ready to serve.”
These celebrity ads for Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails are from 1955-56.

Heublein ~ Cocktail Adverts [1954]

“How to serve applause-winning Manhattans every time.”
These ads for Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails are from 1954.

Hanes ~ Underwear Adverts [1960]

“It takes a wife to know the difference.”
These underwear ads for men and boys by Hanes are all from 1960.

Hanes ~ Pantyhose Adverts [1954-1965]

No seams to worry about!
These pantyhose ads by Hanes date from 1954-65 and are all of a similar style.

Hanes ~ Pantyhose Adverts [1965-1970]

Sheer indulgence.
There were several styles of smaller ad campaigns from Hanes released during the sixties.

Hanes Alive ~ Support Pantyhose Adverts [1979-1983]

“No one knows I’m wearing support pantyhose.”
These Hanes Alive support pantyhose adverts date from between 1979-83.

Hanes “Gentlemen Prefer” ~ Pantyhose Adverts [1973-1984]

“Gentlemen Prefer Hanes”
These unashamedly awful Hanes pantyhose adverts date from between 1973-84. Each one features a man leering at another woman’s legs whilst out with his wife or girlfriend. I don’t know about them being gentlemen, more like creepymen!

Magic Shaving Powder ~ Shaving Adverts [1964-1981]

“She’ll flip with your cool magic.”
These ads for Magic Shaving Powder and Magic After Shave Cream by Carson date between 1964-81.

Slick Black ~ Hair Care Adverts [1969-1980]

“Colours Grey Hair Black”
These small black and white ads for Slick Black by Valmor were used between 1969-80. Personally, I like the half-white/half-black hair look.

National Girobank ~ Adverts [1982-1984]

“Free record token when you open an account.”
These ads for National Girobank are from 1982-84. The account was for 15 to 19 year olds and offered record tokens as an incentive to open an account.

Barclays Bank “Supersavers Club” ~ Adverts [1982-1985]

“Add a little excitement to your interest.”
These ads for the children’s Supersavers account from Barclays Bank are from 1982-85. The ads were aimed at teenagers.

Midland Bank “Griffin Savers” ~ Adverts [1984-1985]

“New Griffin Savers Account has a lot to offer young savers.”
This Midland Bank advert is from 1984-85. I had the Griffin Savers Account myself and still have the dictionary and pencil case somewhere!

NatWest “On Line Account” ~ Adverts [1986-1987]

“Isn’t it time you replaced your piggy bank?”
These graphic design style ads for NatWest banks On Line account are from 1986-87. The account was aimed at teenagers.

NatWest “Ade Edmonson” ~ Adverts [1987]

“Not everyone Ade Edmonson met was a complete and utter b…”
Young Ones character Vivian, played by comedian Ade Edmonson, advertised for Natwest bank in 1987 (print & TV).

Debbie Gibson “Natural Wonder Cosmetics” ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Pretty was never so pure.”
These ads for Natural Wonder Cosmetics by Revlon are from 1988-90, during which time Debbie Gibson was spokeswoman.

Debbie Gibson “Electric Youth” Perfume ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Electric Youth – The electric fragrance!”
These ads for Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” perfume are from 1989-90. It was produced by Revlon and distributed by Natural Wonder Cosmetics, which Debbie Gibson advertised between 1988-90.