The Bread Diet ~ Adverts [1939]

“Gain a youthful figure with the new bread diet!”
These ads by the American Institute Of Baking are from 1939. They recommended six slices of bread a day within their included diet to help reduce weight without losing energy. Sounds good to me!

Crazy Croppings! ~ Adverts [1940]

“There’s gaiety in the taste of it…”
This is what happens when I have a few days off and decide to go through the adverts within Life Magazine from 1940!

LoveLines: Girls Accessories ~ Catalogues [1988]

LoveLines were a range of girls accessories produced by Delavennat in 1988. The line included sunglasses, umbrellas, bags, purses and a few other accessories.

Baker’s Coconut: Animal Cut-Up Cakes Booklet [1959]

“Here are more of those Fun-to-Bake, Fun-to-Cut-Up cakes!”
This was the second little animal cake booklet by Baker’s Coconut, which was published in 1959 by General Foods Corp. There were fifteen different cake ideas, all decorated with Angel Flakes.

Baker’s Coconut: Cut-Up Cakes Booklet [1956]

“A calendar of new cake-making ideas!”
This little animal cake booklet from Baker’s Coconut was published in 1956 by General Foods Corp. They were all decorated with Angel Flakes and was one cake idea for each month.

Woodbury “Cold Cream” ~ Adverts [1941]

“Want a Morning Glory complexion? Take a Woodbury Beauty Nightcap tonight.”
These ads for Woodbury Cold Cream are all from 1941. Each one featured a different famous actress of the time, plus a mention of the film they were currently starring in.

Pond’s “Cold Cream” ~ Adverts [1958-1961]

“She’s busy… yet she’s beautiful… she uses Pond’s.”
These ads for Pond’s “Cold Cream” are from 1958-61 and feature famous actresses/models of the day, who were also busy mothers and wives.

Coca Cola “Refreshing The Olympic Spirit” ~ Adverts [1992]

“Refreshing The Olympic Spirit”
These three ads were part of Coca Cola’s 1992 Olympics ad campaign, which they have sponsored since 1928.

Coca Cola “Things Go Better With Coke” ~ Adverts [1963-1965]

“Things go better with Coke.”
This Coca Cola ad campaign ran for two years from Dec 1963 to Dec 1965 (as best I can tell).

Coca Cola “Enjoy The Lively Life” ~ Adverts [1962-1963]

“Enjoy the lively life of Coke.”
These Coca Cola ads date from 1962-63.

Coca Cola “Refreshing New Feeling” ~ Adverts [1963]

“Refreshing New Feeling”
These Coca Cola ads date from 1963.

Coca Cola “Refreshing New Feeling” ~ Adverts [1961-1962]

“What a refreshing new feeling you get from Coke!”
These Coca Cola ads date from 1961-62. Zing!

Coca Cola “Hot food calls for ice-cold Coke!” ~ Adverts [1961-1962]

“Hot food calls for ice-cold Coke!”
These Coca Cola ads date from 1961-62, and try to temp people into having coke with their dinner rather than just with snacks or sandwiches.

Coca Cola “Coke On The Job” ~ Adverts [1959-1960]

“Coke-On-The-Job Keeps Workers Refreshed!”
These Coca Cola vending machine ads for employers are from 1959-60.

Coca Cola ~ Soft Drink Adverts [1957] Illustrations by Jack Potter

“Have a Coke has become a gracious custom in more than 100 countries of the world today.”
During 1957, artist Jack Potter created ten illustrations for Coca Cola’s “100 countries” ad campaign.

Coca Cola “Be Really Refreshed! ~ Adverts [1959-1960]

“Be really refreshed!”
These ads for Coca Cola are from 1959-60.

Eleganza ~ Menswear Adverts [1969-1974]

“Things happen when you wear Eleganza!”
These ads for mail order company Eleganza date from 1969-74.