Bestform ~ Lingerie Adverts [1944] Illustrations by George Petty

“No finer fit at any price!”
These six ads for Bestform lingerie are from 1944, with particularly pert bosomed illustrations by American pin-up artist George Petty.

Etiquet ~ Deodorant Adverts [1943]

“Should a Marine kiss a girl with his hat on?”
These ads for Etiquet antiseptic deodorant cream date from 1943.

Playtex Makeup Cape ~ Adverts [1939]

“Prelude to loveliness!”
These ads for Playtex Makeup Capes date from 1939.

Bromo-Seltzer ~ Antacid Adverts [1937]

“Stop morning-after before it starts.”
These ads for Bromo-Seltzer antacid date from 1937 and were aimed at men who had partied too hard the night before!

Kreml ~ Hair Care Adverts [1939-1944]

“Sailor beware of holiday hair!”
These ads for Kreml hair tonic date from 1939 to 1944.

Kitchens Of Tomorrow [Life, 1943]

“Kitchens of tomorrow may look like this!”
This article is from a 1943 edition of Life magazine.

Blackstone ~ Cigars Adverts [1940-1941]

“Extra pleasure in every size and shape!”
These ads for Blackstone cigars date from 1940-41.

Pard ~ Dog Food Adverts [1940-1941] Illustrations by Stan Ekman

“I’m no softy, but sometimes my stomach is!”
These ads for Pard dog food from 1941 feature some very stylish illustrations by Stan Ekman.

Bosco Chocolate Syrup ~ Drink Adverts [1940]

“Where there’s pep there’s iron!”
These fun ads for Bosco, a chocolate malt syrup which was added to milk, are all from 1940.