Mifflin ~ Skin Care Adverts [1940-1945]

“Rub and relax with Mifflin!”
These ads for rubbing alcohol Mifflin date from 1940-44.

Pepto-Bismol ~ Indigestion Adverts [1940-1947]

“I’m a girl who can’t say no!”
These ads for indigestion remedy Pepto-Bismol date from 1940-47.

Whitman’s Chocolates ~ Christmas Adverts [1940-1953]

“A woman never forgets a man who remembers!”
These ads for Whitman’s Chocolates date from 1940-53.

Camels & Prince Albert ~ Christmas Cigarette Adverts [1940-1958]

“Gifts that say Merry Christmas with every puff!”
These Christmas ads for Camels and Prince Albert cigarettes and tobacco date from 1940-58.

Blue Peter Annual Christmas Crafts [1962-1982]

Last Christmas I bought myself a large pile of vintage Blue Peter annuals. It was never one of my favourite programmes on telly, but I did enjoy the craft items they made out of toilet rolls and sticky back plastic! Here’s a few Christmas crafts from various annals dating from 1965-82.

Aralac ~ Womenswear Adverts [1945-1946]

“It’s Aralac!”
These black and white ads are for a fabric called Aralac and featured womenswear by a variety of designers. They date from 1945-46.