Cole ~ Swimwear Adverts [1948-1949] Illustrations by Ron Wicks

“Makes the most of your best.”
These ads for Cole swimsuits date from 1948-49, with illustrations by Ron Wicks.

Catalina ~ Swimwear Adverts [1948-1950]

“Styled in California for the stars of Hollywood …and you!”
These ads for Catalina “sweetheart” swim suits date from 1948-50.

Cannon ~ Stockings Adverts [1947-1948]

“Cobwebby charmers!”
This ad campaign for Cannon nylon stockings ran from 1947-48.

Real Silk ~ Stockings Adverts [1939-1940]

“Gossamer glamour for the transcendent occasion.”
These ads for Real Silk hosiery date from 1939-40.

Berkshire ~ Stockings Adverts [1947-1949]

“For the loveliest legs in the world!”
These ads for Berkshire stocking date from 1947-49.

Pepsi-Cola “Pepsi Cold” ~ Soft Drink Adverts [1966-1969]

“Taste that beats the others cold!”
This ad campaign from Pepsi-Cola date from late 1966 to mid 1969.

Paul Jones ~ Whisky Adverts [1943-1947] Illustrations

“A gentleman’s whiskey.”
These ads for Paul Jones whisky date from 1943-47.

Low-Impact Aerobics, High-Impact Lycra [Working Mother, 1986]

“Tired of huffing and puffing, jiggling and jogging?”
This article on low-impact aerobics is from Working Mother magazine, Nov 1986. It goes without saying, my favourite move has to be the funky chicken, although anything performed in these glaring lycra outfits would be pretty funky.

Beach & Resort Wear [Ebony, 1980]

“Designer resort wear so new and snazzy they’ll make all heads turn.”
This fashion shoot for Ebony magazine from Feb 1980 starts of fairly average then takes a swift turn into the bizarre and grotesque with monkey fur, the “gay ’90’s”, leopard print and chamois leather.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1964-1966]

“You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”
This ad campaign for Honda scooters dates from 1964 to early 1966.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1966]

“Some people have all the fun.”
This ad campaign for Honda scooters is from 1966.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1967]

“Honda shapes the world of wheels.”
This ad campaign for Honda scooters is from 1967.

All Ways “911” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1992-1993]

“Space age results!”
These ads for All Ways “911” emergency hair care products are from 1992-93. Because outer space can play havoc with your hair-do.

Care Free Curl ~ Hair Care Adverts [1981-1989]

“Be daring. Be bold.”
These ads for Care Free Curl hair products by Soft Sheen date from 1981-89.

Palmolive ~ Soap Adverts [1945-1948]

“Lovelier skin in 14 days!”
These ads for Palmolive soap are from 1945-48 and continued the “doctors prove” campaign from the previous year.

Palmolive ~ Soap Adverts [1943-1944]

“Doctors prove 2 out of 3 women can have more beautiful skin in 14 days!”
These ads for Palmolive soap are from 1943-44, and offered women scientific proof of a more beautiful skin for those whose complexion had “lost that lovely look”.

Palmolive ~ Soap Adverts [1941-1942]

“Now more than ever, keep that schoolgirl complexion!”
These ads for Palmolive soap are from 1941-42, and contained such sentences as “for his sake, guard your loveliness”.

Colegate ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1948] Comic Strip

“It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth!”
These comic strip ads for Colgate toothpaste are from 1948.

Borden’s “Hemo” ~ Drink Adverts [1942-1946] Illustrations by Walter Early

“Drink your vitamins and like ’em!”
These illustrated ads by Walter Early for Borden’s Hemo, a fortified chocolate malt drink, date from 1942-46.

Borden’s “None Such Mince Meat” ~ Adverts [1940-1941]

“A tip from Elsie, the Borden cow.”
These slightly disturbing illustrated ads for Borden’s mincemeat date from 1940-41.

Borden’s ~ Dairy Adverts [1939-1949] Illustrations by Walter Early

“If it’s Borden’s it’s got to be good!”
These illustrations by Walter Early are from Borden’s dairy adverts from 1939-1949.

Get In Shape Girl by Hasbro ~ Catalogues [1986-1987]

“A fitness programme for today’s young girl.”
During the mid to late 1980’s, Hasbro produced a line of fitness sets aimed at young girls.

Lustre Creme “Dream Girl” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1948]

“”Once her hair was her despair, now she’s a Lustre-Creme Dream Girl.””
These Lustre Creme shampoo ads from 1948 all had a very similar theme: shiny hair does a husband find.