Embassy ~ Cigarette Adverts [1950]

“Do you think you are smoking too much?”
These ads for Embassy cigarettes are from 1950 and feature smokers solemnly contemplating the amount they puff.

Pro-phy-lac-tic “Jewelite” Brushes ~ Hair Care Adverts [1945-1949]

“A lovelier brush for lovelier hair!”
These ads for Pro-phy-lac-tic “Jewelite” hair brushes date from 1945-49.

Cannon Towels ~ Bathroom Adverts [1946-1955]

“Show your colours!”
These ads for Cannon towels date from 1946-55.

Luxuray “Dove Skin Undies” ~ Lingerie Adverts [1947-1948] Illustrations

“Above all. Under all.”
These black & white illustrated ads for Dove Skin Undies by Luxuray are from 1947-48.

HMV ~ Chart Music Adverts [1981-1983]

“Cheap thrills at HMV!”
This style of black and white ad for HMV chart music ran from 1981-83.

Du Pont Combs ~ Hair Care Adverts [1946-1947]

“Lovely hair deserves fine care.”
These ads for Du Pont combs date from 1946-47. Each ad featured a model with lovely long, combed hair.

Kellogg’s “Gro-Pup” ~ Dog Food Adverts [1950-1951]

“It’s made me what I am today!”
These ads for Kellogg’s “Gro-Pup” dry dog food date from 1950-51.

Putting It Together ~ Men’s Fashion Shoot [Ebony, 1972]

“Furs, plaids and bold colours spice men’s fashions for fall ’72.”
Ebony magazine’s September 1972 fashion shoot for men was based around layering different colours, patterns and fabrics. And plaid. Lots of plaid.

Columbia Records “Masterworks” ~ Music Adverts [1942-1943]

“New laminating process gives you quality where it counts – on the surface!”
These ads for various recording from Columbia Records “Masterworks” collection date from 1942-43.

Embassy ~ Cigarette Adverts [1949]

“Inhale to your heart’s content!”
These ads for Embassy cigarettes are from 1949 and featured people actually smoking, rather than just posing with an unlit cigarette.

Afro Sheen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1968-1973]

“Wantu Wazuri (Beautiful People)”
These ads for Afro Sheen hair care products date from 1968-73. Many of the ads used Swahili headlines.

Lipton’s “Noodle Soup” ~ Food Adverts [1945-1946]

“Old fashioned, chickeny noodle soup!”
These ads for Lipton’s Noodle Soup date from 1945-46. Each ad included a meal plan idea, and recipe for one of the dishes featured.

Cannon Towels ~ Bathroom Adverts [1944-1946]

“Wake Up and Dream!”
These ads for Cannon towels, dating from 1944-46, featured an array of towel-clad ladies drying themselves off in the bathrooms of tomorrow.