Duke ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1973]

“Women love that Duke look!”
These ads for mens hair styling product “Duke” date from 1960 to 1973.

Twigs ~ Childrenswear Adverts [1947-1950]

“Like daddy’s in all but size.”
These ads for Twigs boys clothing date from 1947-50.

Raveen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1974]

“There you go being beautiful again!”
These ads for womens hair styling products “Raveen” date from 1960 to 1974.

Akai ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986]

“Okay, Akai.”
These three ads are from a triple page spread for Akai CD players, receivers and video players, dating from 1986.

“Life Stride” Brown Shoe Company ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1958-1963]

“The young point of view in shoes.”
These ads for “Life Stride” women’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1958-63.

Better Badges ~ Punk Pin Badge Adverts [1979-1982]

“Step out in style in a snug comfortable badge!”
These ad for Better Badges punk pin badges date from 1979-82.

Tek ~ Toothbrush Adverts [1947] Illustrated by Robert George Harris

“No other toothbrush has all these features!”
These two ads for Tek toothbrushes are from 1947. They were illustrated by Robert George Harris.

Curtiss Candy ~ Confectionery Adverts [1947-1949]

“Candy… rich in dextrose.”
These ads for various Curtiss candy date from 1947-49.

Philips ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986-1987] Illustrated

“More woofers than Battersea dogs home.”
This illustrated ad campaign for various Philips CD/cassette players is from 1986-87.

Daniel Green ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1963-1968]

“Neat feet… soft treat!”
These ads for Daniel Green women’s shoes and slippers date from 1963-68.

Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1947]

“Like magic!”
These ads for Sinclair “Opaline” motor oil are from 1947. The ads had a magical theme, and featured stars of current movies.

Prell ~ Hair Care Adverts [1947-1949]

“The amazing new radiant creme shampoo!”
These ads for Prell dandruff shampoo date from 1947-49.

Kellogg’s “All-Bran” ~ Breakfast Cereal Adverts [1940-1942]

“Join the Regulars!”
These fun black and white photo-story ads for Kellogg’s breakfast cereal All-Bran date from 1940-42.