Beauty & Health

Including cosmetics (make-up, perfume), hair (shampoo, styling products, colouring), toiletries (teeth, skin care, feminine hygiene) and medicinal (first aid, pain relief, fitness). Below are the brands and products in this category.

Latest Additions

Dr West’s ~ Toothbrush Adverts [1947-1952] Artwork by Bauman-Greene

“Package of smiles!”
These graphic style ads for Dr West’s “Miracle Tuft” toothbrushes date from 1947-52, with photography by Bauman-Greene.

Dr West’s ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1947-1948] Illustrated

“Package of smiles!”
These illustrated ads for Dr West’s toothpaste date from 1947-48.

Vidal Sassoon ~ Hair Care Adverts [c.1985]

“What your hair does for you, depends on what you do for your hair.”
These ads for Vidal Sassoon hair care products date from c.1985.

Magnificent ~ Hair Care Adverts [1968-1971]

“Let’s get it together!”
These ads for Magnificent hair care products date from 1968-71.

Duke ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1973]

“Women love that Duke look!”
These ads for mens hair styling product “Duke” date from 1960 to 1973.

Raveen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1974]

“There you go being beautiful again!”
These ads for womens hair styling products “Raveen” date from 1960 to 1974.

Tek ~ Toothbrush Adverts [1947] Illustrated by Robert George Harris

“No other toothbrush has all these features!”
These two ads for Tek toothbrushes are from 1947. They were illustrated by Robert George Harris.

Prell ~ Hair Care Adverts [1947-1949]

“The amazing new radiant creme shampoo!”
These ads for Prell dandruff shampoo date from 1947-49.

Inecto-With-Lustrium ~ Hair Care Adverts [1940]

“You need never know Hearbreak-Age!”
These two ads for Inecto-With-Lustrium date from 1940.

Du Pont Hair Brushes ~ Hair Care Adverts [1946-1947]

“Brushing puts a gleam in your hair.”
These ads for Du Pont hair brushes date from 1946-48 and featured lovely ladies brushing their luxurious locks.

Pro-phy-lac-tic “Jewelite” Brushes ~ Hair Care Adverts [1945-1949]

“A lovelier brush for lovelier hair!”
These ads for Pro-phy-lac-tic “Jewelite” hair brushes date from 1945-49.

Du Pont Combs ~ Hair Care Adverts [1946-1947]

“Lovely hair deserves fine care.”
These ads for Du Pont combs date from 1946-47. Each ad featured a model with lovely long, combed hair.

Afro Sheen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1968-1973]

“Wantu Wazuri (Beautiful People)”
These ads for Afro Sheen hair care products date from 1968-73. Many of the ads used Swahili headlines.

Revlon ~ Makeup Adverts [1943-1948]

“Teasing as a butterfly kiss!”
These ads for various Revlon makeup products date from 1943-48.

Colgate ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1943]

“I’m the lonesomest gob in town!”
These ad’s for Colgate toothpaste date from 1943. This style continued for several years.

Revlon “Bachelor’s Carnation” ~ Makeup Adverts [1946]

“Greatest catch of the season!”
These ads for “Bachelor’s Carnation” lipstick and nail polish by Revlon date from 1946.

Swan Soap ~ Skin Care Adverts [1946]

“Should husbands help around the house?”
These two ads for Swan soap date from 1946.

Revlon “Fatal Apple” ~ Makeup Adverts [1945]

“Revlon’s most tempting colour since Eve winked at Adam.”
These ads for “Fatal Apple” lipstick and nail polish by Revlon date from 1945.

World Of Curls ~ Hair Care Adverts [1982-1986]

“Unlimited stylage!”
These ads for World Of Curls hair care products date from 1982-86.

Charles of the Ritz ~ Makeup Adverts [1959-1966]

“It’s the fashion to wear made-to-order face powder!”
These ads for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics date from 1959-66.

Revlon “Pink Lightning” ~ Makeup Adverts [1944-1945]

“Texture of velvet!”
These ads for “Pink Lightning” lipstick and nail polish by Revlon date from 1944-45.

DuBarry Beauty Preparations ~ Makeup Adverts [1947-1951]

“Who is she?”
This black & white ad campaign for DuBarry beauty preparations ran from 1947 until at least 1951.

Charles of the Ritz ~ Makeup Adverts [1956-1959]

“Individual beauty, made to order!”
These ads for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics date from 1956-59, many of which were photographed through textured glass.

Knox Gelatine ~ Health Adverts [1940]

“Samson was a sissy!”
These ads for Knox Gelatine health drink are all from 1940.

Smith Bros ~ Cough Drops Adverts [1943-1945]

“Keep your mouth shut!”
These ads for Smith Bros Cough Drops date from 1943-45.

Bromo-Seltzer ~ Antacid Adverts [1950-1951]

“Where others fail Bromo-Seltzer works.”
These split-head ads for Bromo-Seltzer antacid date from 1950, with a change of design into 1951.

Fresh ~ Deodorant Adverts [1946-1951]

“Be lovely to love.”
These ads for Fresh deodorant are from 1946-51. The design changed very little over the years, always featuring a kissing couple wearing glamorous evening attire.

Pepsodent ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1946-1947]

“Uncover the natural brilliance of your smile!”
These ad’s for Pepsodent toothpaste date from 1946-47