Latest Additions

Revlon ~ Makeup Adverts [1943-1948]

“Teasing as a butterfly kiss!”
These ads for various Revlon makeup products date from 1943-48.

Revlon “Bachelor’s Carnation” ~ Makeup Adverts [1946]

“Greatest catch of the season!”
These ads for “Bachelor’s Carnation” lipstick and nail polish by Revlon date from 1946.

Revlon “Fatal Apple” ~ Makeup Adverts [1945]

“Revlon’s most tempting colour since Eve winked at Adam.”
These ads for “Fatal Apple” lipstick and nail polish by Revlon date from 1945.

Charles of the Ritz ~ Makeup Adverts [1959-1966]

“It’s the fashion to wear made-to-order face powder!”
These ads for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics date from 1959-66.

Revlon “Pink Lightning” ~ Makeup Adverts [1944-1945]

“Texture of velvet!”
These ads for “Pink Lightning” lipstick and nail polish by Revlon date from 1944-45.

DuBarry Beauty Preparations ~ Makeup Adverts [1947-1951]

“Who is she?”
This black & white ad campaign for DuBarry beauty preparations ran from 1947 until at least 1951.

Charles of the Ritz ~ Makeup Adverts [1956-1959]

“Individual beauty, made to order!”
These ads for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics date from 1956-59, many of which were photographed through textured glass.

Yardley “English Lavender” ~ Perfume & Soap Adverts [1942-1948]

“Be young… be bright… be lovely.”
These ads for Yardley’s “English Lavender” perfume date from 1942-48.

Yardley “Bond Street” ~ Perfume Adverts [1947-1948] Illustrations by W K Plummer & Bernard Lamotte

“The perfume of lovely women everywhere.”
These ads for Yardley’s “Bond Street” perfume date from 1947-48. They feature illustrated backgrounds by W K Plummer and Bernard Lamotte.

Yardley “Bond Street” ~ Perfume & Makeup Adverts [1942-1946]

“Keep your best face forward!”
These ads for Yardley’s “Bond Street” perfume and beauty preparations date from 1942-46.

DuBarry Beauty Preparations ~ Adverts [1945-1946]

“As radiant as a precious jewel.”
These ads for DuBarry beauty preparations date from 1945-46.

DuBarry Beauty Preparations ~ Adverts [1945]

“With lovely new clothes and completion, Margaret Ryan plans a Cabana honeymoon.”
These honeymoon themed ads for DuBarry beauty preparations date from 1945.

Louis Philippe ~ Face Powder Adverts [1942-1945]

“Spreads unbelievable youthful disguise over tired, drab skin!”
These ads for Louis Philippe face powder and rouge date from 1942-45.

Louis Philippe ~ “Sunbird” Lipstick Adverts [1946]

“For the song in your heart…”
These ads for Louis Philippe’s “Sunbird” lipstick date from 1946.

Louis Philippe ~ Lipstick Adverts [1942-1946]

“Magnetise your lips!”
These ads for Louis Philippe lipstick date from 1942-46.

Coty ~ Makeup Adverts [1942-1947] Illustration by Carl Erickso

“There’s beauty in the air!”
These ads for Coty cosmetics date from 1942-47. They were illustrated by Carl Erickson.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics ~ Adverts [1975-1978]

“I’m just a soul singer from Detroit.”
These ads for Fashion Fair cosmetics date from 1975-78 and feature a variety of notable black women of the time.

Playtex Makeup Cape ~ Adverts [1939]

“Prelude to loveliness!”
These ads for Playtex Makeup Capes date from 1939.

Woodbury “Cold Cream” ~ Adverts [1941]

“Want a Morning Glory complexion? Take a Woodbury Beauty Nightcap tonight.”
These ads for Woodbury Cold Cream are all from 1941. Each one featured a different famous actress of the time, plus a mention of the film they were currently starring in.

Pond’s “Cold Cream” ~ Adverts [1958-1961]

“She’s busy… yet she’s beautiful… she uses Pond’s.”
These ads for Pond’s “Cold Cream” are from 1958-61 and feature famous actresses/models of the day, who were also busy mothers and wives.

Debbie Gibson “Natural Wonder Cosmetics” ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Pretty was never so pure.”
These ads for Natural Wonder Cosmetics by Revlon are from 1988-90, during which time Debbie Gibson was spokeswoman.

Debbie Gibson “Electric Youth” Perfume ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Electric Youth – The electric fragrance!”
These ads for Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth” perfume are from 1989-90. It was produced by Revlon and distributed by Natural Wonder Cosmetics, which Debbie Gibson advertised between 1988-90.

17 Cosmetics “Real Girls Wear” ~ Adverts [1986]

“Real girls wear 17 Cosmetics.”
These ads for 17 Cosmetics by Boots are from 1986.

17 Cosmetics “Looks Even Better On A Girl”~ Adverts [1985]

“Looks even better on a girl.”
These ads for 17 Cosmetics by Boots are from 1985.

Fashion Fair Perfume “Eunece” ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“It’s a girls best friend!”
These four ads for Eunece perfume by Fashion Fair are from 1986-87. These two chaps were fighting over the same lady for a long time!

Yadley & Madame Alexander Dolls ~ Adverts [1950’s]

“Makes you feel so fresh and feminine.”
These five Yardley ads for are from 1956-57. The dolls in the images were designed by Madame Alexander, a company which has been making dolls since 1923.

Fashion Fair Cosmetics ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“For beauty so irresistible it’s flirtatious.”
These are my pick of double page spread Fashion Fair Cosmetics adverts from 1979 to 1989 (found in Ebony and Jet magazines). The company began back in 1973, producing cosmetics for “women of colour”, and is still going strong to this day.

Pond’s “Angel Face” ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“Now! You can change your skin tone to look lovely in any fashion colour.”
Pond’s “Angel Face” adverts from 1960-61 featured striking double head shots of models wearing contrasting colours.