Latest Additions

Vidal Sassoon ~ Hair Care Adverts [c.1985]

“What your hair does for you, depends on what you do for your hair.”
These ads for Vidal Sassoon hair care products date from c.1985.

Magnificent ~ Hair Care Adverts [1968-1971]

“Let’s get it together!”
These ads for Magnificent hair care products date from 1968-71.

Duke ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1973]

“Women love that Duke look!”
These ads for mens hair styling product “Duke” date from 1960 to 1973.

Raveen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1974]

“There you go being beautiful again!”
These ads for womens hair styling products “Raveen” date from 1960 to 1974.

Prell ~ Hair Care Adverts [1947-1949]

“The amazing new radiant creme shampoo!”
These ads for Prell dandruff shampoo date from 1947-49.

Inecto-With-Lustrium ~ Hair Care Adverts [1940]

“You need never know Hearbreak-Age!”
These two ads for Inecto-With-Lustrium date from 1940.

Du Pont Hair Brushes ~ Hair Care Adverts [1946-1947]

“Brushing puts a gleam in your hair.”
These ads for Du Pont hair brushes date from 1946-48 and featured lovely ladies brushing their luxurious locks.

Pro-phy-lac-tic “Jewelite” Brushes ~ Hair Care Adverts [1945-1949]

“A lovelier brush for lovelier hair!”
These ads for Pro-phy-lac-tic “Jewelite” hair brushes date from 1945-49.

Du Pont Combs ~ Hair Care Adverts [1946-1947]

“Lovely hair deserves fine care.”
These ads for Du Pont combs date from 1946-47. Each ad featured a model with lovely long, combed hair.

Afro Sheen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1968-1973]

“Wantu Wazuri (Beautiful People)”
These ads for Afro Sheen hair care products date from 1968-73. Many of the ads used Swahili headlines.

World Of Curls ~ Hair Care Adverts [1982-1986]

“Unlimited stylage!”
These ads for World Of Curls hair care products date from 1982-86.

All Ways “911” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1992-1993]

“Space age results!”
These ads for All Ways “911” emergency hair care products are from 1992-93. Because outer space can play havoc with your hair-do.

Care Free Curl ~ Hair Care Adverts [1981-1989]

“Be daring. Be bold.”
These ads for Care Free Curl hair products by Soft Sheen date from 1981-89.

Lustre Creme “Dream Girl” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1948]

“”Once her hair was her despair, now she’s a Lustre-Creme Dream Girl.””
These Lustre Creme shampoo ads from 1948 all had a very similar theme: shiny hair does a husband find.

Apex ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1969]

“How to let your hair down. Apex style.”
These ads for Apex hair products date from 1960-69.

Kreml ~ Hair Care Adverts [1939-1944]

“Sailor beware of holiday hair!”
These ads for Kreml hair tonic date from 1939 to 1944.

Slick Black ~ Hair Care Adverts [1969-1980]

“Colours Grey Hair Black”
These small black and white ads for Slick Black by Valmor were used between 1969-80. Personally, I like the half-white/half-black hair look.

Wella “Shockwaves” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1986]

“Send out Shockwaves.”
These hair product ads for Shockwaves by Wella are from 1986.

The Handlebar Club [1947]

Hirsute Englishmen have made a London Saloon the shrine to gentlemen who sport “smashers”.
I came across this article from 1947 about The Handlebar Club quite by chance and thought it too good not to share!

Duke & Raveen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1964-1972]

“Sisters are different from brothers.”
These ads for men’s hair styling product Duke and their women’s range Raveen are from 1964 to 1972.

TCB ~ Hair Care Adverts [1987] Illustrated

“We make you look good!”
These three illustrated TCB ads are from April, May and June of 1987.

TCB & Billy Dee Williams ~ Hair Care Adverts [1984]

“Something to believe in… tcb”
In 1984, Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams appeared in a series of adverts for TCB hair products.

Helene Curtis “Gay Top” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1958-1961]

“For the Gay Top you game me Helene Curtis, I love you!”
These three adverts for Helene Curtis “Gay Top” are from 1958, 1959 & 1961.

Duke “Style Of The Week” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1972]

“Duke…It’s bold! It’s natural!”
These ads for men’s hair styling product “Duke” ran each week between April and July 1972 in Jet magazine.

Toni “Epic-Waves” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1989]

“No more poodle-tight perms, monstrous commitments or not-so-funny between-perm droops.”
I love this set of adverts for Toni’s “Epic-Waves” try-on perms from 1989, featuring porcelain clown, poodle and Bride of Frankenstein faces, and big 80’s hair!

Lustre Creme “Pink Is For Girls” ~ Hair Care Adverts [1967-1968]

“Made just for girls!”
These yummy pink Lustre Creme shampoo adverts from 1967-68 feature some very 60’s geometrics.