Latest Additions

The Doctor Who Pattern Book ~ Craft Books [1984]

“A galactic collection to knit and sew!”
The Doctor Who Pattern Book by Joy Gammon was published in 1984 and featured all kinds of weird and wonderful things to knit and sew.

Singer Form ~ Craft Adverts [1941-1943]

“It’s you – to the last curve!”
These ads for Singer Form dressmaking body moulds date from 1941-43.

Singer Sewing Centres ~ Craft Adverts [1947-1948]

“And you’ll love how much it didn’t cost!”
These ads for Singer Sewing Centres date from 1947-48.

Kleenex “Paper-Tique” ~ Craft Book [1971]

“A new art for today’s homemaker”
If having bold coloured toilet paper only in your bathroom wasn’t enough, Kleenex published a 36 page booklet in 1971 full of crazy crafts to spread around the home too.

Children’s Fancy Dress Patterns [1970’s-1990’s]

“Costumes galore!”
Wondering what to dress up for Halloween this year? Look no further!

Sewing Patterns ~ Magazine Articles [1970’s]

“Things to make for pleasure and profit.”
Various sewing patterns clipped from 1970’s magazines.

The Great Pantyhose Crafts Books [1982 & 1985]

“Recycle old pantyhose into dolls, wall hangings, musical boxes, holiday decorations, and much more!”
The Great Pantyhose Crafts Book by Ed & Stevie Baldwin was published in 1982, followed by it’s eagerly awaited sequel, More Great Pantyhose Crafts, in 1985.