Latest Additions

Movie Adverts [1941]

“Love prize of the islands!”
These magazine ads for movies are all from 1941.

Movie Adverts [1940]

“It’s springtime! It’s swingtime! It’s wedding ring time!”
These magazine ads for movies are all from 1940.

Star Wars Fan Club ~ Adverts [1977-1980]

“An exciting offer for earthlings!” Here are some spectacular b&w adverts for the Star Wars Fan Club I found in Boys’ Life magazine (1977, 78 & 80). I also found two belt buckle ads, a patch ad and a flying model rocket ad.

Tron ~ See Hear Read

I found this book today in a charity shop (25p) and it bought back memories of reading Back To The Future over and over accompanied by my brick-like cassette player (much like the one featured on the back of this book). Unfortunately the Tron book no longer had the cassette tape, but due to the wonders of the internet I found a digital copy. Some of these movie based books used photos from the actual film, whereas this one is illustrated.

Labyrinth ~ Movie Posters [1986]

On looking into Labyrinth movie posters, I found there were several designs produced world-wide for its cinematic release in 1986. The Japanese versions are very sci-fi, and I love the Polish version featuring Ludo.