Latest Additions

Provocative Percussion (Vol 1) by Terry Snyder and the All Stars [1959]

“A flight into new areas of sonic and musical experience.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Provocative Percussion” by Terry Snyder and the All Stars from 1959.

Miss Piggy’s Aerobique ~ Exercise Workout Album [1982]

“Dance movements so simple you can actually perform some of them in your sleep!”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is something a little different, with Miss Piggy’s Aerobique, from 1982. With routines such as “Snackcercise” and “Sit Down”, this is a form of exercise I could get into. Tre excellent!

Exotic Dreams by Ethel Azama [1959]

“Martin Denny presents the enticing voice of Ethel Azama.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Exotic Dreams” by Ethel Azama, with arrangement by Paul Conrad from 1959.

Double Exposures by Manny Albam & His Orchestra [1960]

“The wedding of pairs of songs.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Double Exposures” by Manny Albam & His Orchestra, 1960.

Cocktails Anyone? by Bob Creash Quintet [1958]

“All-time favourites with a solid beat.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Cocktails Anyone?” by Bob Creash Quintet, 1958.

Accent on Bamboo by Tak Shindo [1960]

Big Band Standards With An Oriental Flavour
This weeks Sunday lounge listening is “Accent on Bamboo” by Tak Shindo, 1960.

Musical Instruments in Catalogues [1960’s to 1990’s]

“Get in on the swinging sound!”
Here’s a selection of images featuring children playing musical instruments from various catalogues dating from 1970-90’s.

Halloween LP Covers [1950’s, 1960’s & 1970’s]

“Shock! Terror! Fear!”
Here’s a selection of spooky themed LP’s to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Woolworths ~ Music Adverts [1982]

“Woolworth Record Blitz”
These adverts for Woolworths are all from 1982.

John Menzies ~ Music Adverts [1983-1986]

“For people who appreciate music…and money.”
These adverts for UK department store John Menzies date from 1983-86.

Children’s Character Christmas LP’s [1980’s]

Here’s a selection of children’s character Christmas LP covers from the 1980’s, featuring Barbie, Pac-Man, Strawberry Shortcake and more!

Dick Schory and The Percussive Art Ensemble “Re-purcussion” [1957]

Today’s musical delights are brought to you by Dick Schory and The Percussive Art Ensemble with Re-Percussion from 1957. It’s everything the cover implies it is!

Music For Gracious Living ~ Peter Barclay and his Orchestra [1950’s]

In 1955, record company Columbia released a set of five LP’s featuring the instrumental stylings of Peter Barclay and his Orchestra. The technicolour cover photographs encapsulate the ideal American family in a wonderfully cheesy/creepy way, and the back covers were full of helpful hints and even recipes to help make every occasion perfect.

Pink Champagne for Dancing [1962]

This weeks Sunday lounge listening is “Pink Champagne for Dancing” (vol.2) by Lloyd Mumm and His Starlight Roof Orchestra [1962]. Enjoy!

Cheesy Retro Christmas LP Covers

Some may consider these to be a selection of the worst Christmas LP covers you will ever clap sight of. Personally, I think many are inspired genius!

Les Baxter ~ LP Covers [1960’s-1970’s]

I’m a massive fan of exotica and lounge music and enjoy nothing better than scouring the charity shops for a new gem to add to my LP collection!
Les Baxter is one my favourites, so I’ve collected together images of some of his LP covers, which are as weird and wonderful as his music.

Especially For You ~ The Hit Factory Singles [1980’s]

I was quite a fan of Stock, Aitken & Waterman (SAW) back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, and am happy to admit I still am! An old school friend won some tickets on the radio to one of their live road shows in Bristol (1989 or 1990 I think). I know Sonia performed, but for the life of me can’t remember who else did!