Latest Additions

Eversharp Pens ~ Stationary Adverts [1943-1946]

“How would YOU answer the $64 question”
These ads for Eversharp pens and repeater pencils date from 1943-46.

Kodak Kodacolor ~ Film Developing Envelope [c.1975]

“FFS holds prices down!”
This Kodacolor film developing envelope by Free Film Service is from the early 1970’s.

Ilford Films ~ Photo Wallet [c.1959]

This Ilford Films photo wallet is from the 1950’s.

Schneider Pens ~ Packaging [1970’s]

“Write with Schneider.”
This German Schneider pen paper bag in from the 1970’s.

Happy Easter Telegrams ~ Adverts [1940’s-1950’s]

“Bunnygrams for children… Easter wires for grownups!”
These Western Union Easter telegram adverts are from 1947-1959. The Bunnygrams were signed by Peter Rabbit.

Contain Wares ~ Adverts [1986-1989]

“Contain yourself!”
These colourful adverts for Contain Wares date from 1986-89. They sold every kind of storage receptacle imaginable!

Sticker Madness! ~ Adverts [1984-1987]

Ahh. Memories of scratch n’ sniff stickers! Here are a selection of sticker adverts from 1984-87. I now feel like covering everything in sight in technicolour, scented stickers!

WHSmiths Kids Stationary ~ Adverts [1988]

I came across this old WHSmith advert from 1988 the other day and it reminded me of my own extensive collection of stationery items from this time. Sparkly pencils, novelty rubbers, patterned pencil cases, funky rulers, funny shaped sharpener… all my pocket money went on these things!

Like, Totally Lisa Frank! [1980’s]

Bananas wearing zebra print bikinis, koala cheerleaders, kittens with rainbow coloured angel wings and ice cream sundae’s in space? It can only be Lisa Frank!

Golden Touch Typing ~ Adverts [1950’s]

“It’s like wearing magic gloves!” These adverts by Underwood date from 1956-58. They feature an array of amazed looking secretaries and bosses who don’t seem to be quite looking at the typewriters which are being worked by an elegant pair of long golden gloved hands. May be the typewriters are just too amazing to look directly at, or the shiny gold gloves are blinding them.

Paper Mate ~ Christmas Stationary Adverts [1960-1966]

“Goof-Proof Gifts!”
These Christmas themed Paper Mate pen ads date from 1960-66, some of which feature comedian Joe E Brown.

Relax Maths! Texas Instruments ~ Adverts [1990’s]

These fun Italian adverts for Texas Instruments are both from 1990. I don’t remember maths being so cool!

Vintage Valentines Greeting Cards [1940’s-1960’s]

It’s that time of year again when you send your beloved a meat-based greeting card to express your secret love. Creepy monkeys and suicidal skunks are a good choice, too.

Vintage Halloween Greeting Cards [1940’s – 1960’s]

This is a selection of some of my favourite vintage Halloween postcards I’ve gathered together on over the past few days (edited to bring their colours out). There are some right mad ones in there!