Latest Additions

Eversharp Pens ~ Stationary Adverts [1943-1946]

“How would YOU answer the $64 question”
These ads for Eversharp pens and repeater pencils date from 1943-46.

Kodak Kodacolor ~ Film Developing Envelope [c.1975]

“FFS holds prices down!”
This Kodacolor film developing envelope by Free Film Service is from the early 1970’s.

Ilford Films ~ Photo Wallet [c.1959]

This Ilford Films photo wallet is from the 1950’s.

Schneider Pens ~ Packaging [1970’s]

“Write with Schneider.”
This German Schneider pen paper bag in from the 1970’s.

Contain Wares ~ Storage Adverts [1986-1989]

“Contain yourself!”
These colourful adverts for Contain Wares date from 1986-89.

Sticker Madness! ~ Adverts [1984-1987]

Ahh. Memories of scratch n’ sniff stickers! Here are a selection of sticker adverts from 1984-87. I now feel like covering everything in sight in technicolour, scented stickers!

WHSmiths ~ Stationary Adverts [1988]

“A pencil case can only take so much!”
This ad for various WHSmith stationary dates from 1988.

Like, Totally Lisa Frank! [1980’s]

Bananas wearing zebra print bikinis, koala cheerleaders, kittens with rainbow coloured angel wings and ice cream sundae’s in space? It can only be Lisa Frank!

Underwood “Golden Touch” ~ Typewriter Adverts [1956-1958]

“It’s like wearing magic gloves!”
These ads for Underwood “Golden Touch” typewriters date from 1956-58.

Relax Maths! Texas Instruments ~ Adverts [1990’s]

These fun Italian adverts for Texas Instruments are both from 1990. I don’t remember maths being so cool!