Including menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, underwear and lingerie. Plus various fashion accessories like shoes, gloves, bags, hats, neckwear, jewellery and watches. Below are the brands and products in this category.

Latest Additions

Cole ~ Swimwear Adverts [1948-1949] Illustrations by Ron Wicks

“Makes the most of your best.”
These ads for Cole swimsuits date from 1948-49, with illustrations by Ron Wicks.

Catalina ~ Swimwear Adverts [1948-1950]

“Styled in California for the stars of Hollywood …and you!”
These ads for Catalina “sweetheart” swim suits date from 1948-50.

Cannon ~ Stockings Adverts [1947-1948]

“Cobwebby charmers!”
This ad campaign for Cannon nylon stockings ran from 1947-48.

Real Silk ~ Stockings Adverts [1939-1940]

“Gossamer glamour for the transcendent occasion.”
These ads for Real Silk hosiery date from 1939-40.

Berkshire ~ Stockings Adverts [1947-1949]

“For the loveliest legs in the world!”
These ads for Berkshire stocking date from 1947-49.

Beach & Resort Wear [Ebony, 1980]

“Designer resort wear so new and snazzy they’ll make all heads turn.”
This fashion shoot for Ebony magazine from Feb 1980 starts of fairly average then takes a swift turn into the bizarre and grotesque with monkey fur, the “gay ’90’s”, leopard print and chamois leather.

JC Penney Menswear ~ Catalogues [1966]

“Young gentry sport shirts.”
These spiffy menswear catalogue images are from a 1966 JC Penneys catalogue and feature an array of mildly amused men sporting knitted cardigans, pullovers and shirts.

Diplomat Shops ~ Menswear Adverts [1973]

“You’ll stand out on any cool scene.”
These ads for Diplomat Shops menswear are from 1973. You simply can’t go wrong with plaid elephant bell pants.

Fancy Feathered Hats ~ Women’s Fashion [1944]

“Birds make them huge and elegant.”
These wonderful hats are from Life magazine, October 1944.

Big Fall Hats ~ Women’s Fashion [1945]

“New York milliners show balloon silhouettes, curlicue crowns and jelly rolls gone glamorous.”
These wonderfully extravagant hats are from Life magazine, August 1945.

Fancy Crochets ~ Women’s Fashion [1945]

“An old and genteel art is used to make jaunty, stylish cloths.”
These lovely crocheted garments are from Life magazine, January 1945.

Milliken ~ Womenswear Adverts [1947-1949]

“And best of all… it’s Milliken!”
These ads for Milliken women’s fashions date from 1947-49.

Valentine Heart Adverts [1950’s]

“A Valentine should be so tender.”
Here’s a selection of valentine heart themed adverts from the 1950’s featuring a selection of goods, from shirts to peas!

Flagg Bros ~ Men’s Fashions Adverts [1972-1979]

“Rise On!”
These ads for Flagg Bros menswear, shoes and accessories date from 1972-79.

Flagg Bros ~ Men’s Shoe Adverts [1966-1972]

“Flagg shoes, for the outspoken few.”
These ads for Flagg Bros men’s shoes date from 1966-72.

I. Magnin ~ Womenswear Adverts [1947-1948]

These ads for I. Magnin women’s fashions date from 1947-48.

After Six ~ Men’s Formal Wear Adverts [1956-1979]

“What this generation needs is a formal education.”
These ads for After Six formal menswear date from 1956 to 1979.

Fashions In Orbit [Ebony, 1965]

“Italian designers capture tone of ‘way out’ world.”
Space-age fashions from Ebony magazine, October 1965.

Aralac ~ Womenswear Adverts [1945-1946]

“It’s Aralac!”
These black and white ads are for a fabric called Aralac and featured womenswear by a variety of designers. They date from 1945-46.

Selby “Styl-EEZ” ~ Shoe Adverts [1938-1940]

“The worlds greatest name in women’s shoes.”
These ads for Style-EEZ by Selby Shoes date between 1938-40.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womensear Adverts [1944-1956]

“The finest woollens in the world.”
This long running ad campaign by Forstmann Woolen Company dates from 1944-56, and ran from September to April each year. The ads had a background of three swathes of fabric with a model wearing clothes made from them.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womenswear Adverts [1943-1944]

“Loomed For You”
This ad campaign by Forstmann Woolen Company dates from 1943-44. Each ad was participially framed with woollen fabric.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womenswear Adverts [1941-1942]

“For Lines That Live”
This ad campaign by Forstmann Woollen Company dates from 1941-42. Each ad featured a selection of black and white photographs of the same outfit from a different shoot.

White Swan Uniforms ~ Adverts [1970’s-1980’s]

“Professionally styled for cool efficiency.”
These ads for White Swan Uniforms are from 1971-88.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Fashion Accessories [1970-1976]

“Decorate your body with all sorts of things… Make a headband… wear it as a dog collar… wear it as an armlet… make it longer… wear it as a belt… Express Yourself!”Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for various fashion accessories, including, bags, belts and slippers. They date from 1970-77.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Ponchos, Cloaks & Shawls [1967-1977]

Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for ponchos, cloaks and shawls. They date from 1967-77.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Scarves, Hats & Mittens [1967-1977]

“Bright touches to warm gay spirits from top to toe.”
Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for scarves, hats and mittens. They date from 1967-77.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Childrenswear [1970-1977]

“Tiny togs for tiny tots to knit to crochet.”
Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for childrenswear, dating from 1970-77.