Latest Additions

“Pedwin” Brown Shoe Company ~ Men’s Shoe Adverts [1954-1958]

“The top goes down, the style goes up!”
These ads for “Pewdin” men’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1954-58 where I have found four different styles of ads.

“Roblee” Brown Shoe Company ~ Men’s Shoe Adverts [1955-1958]

“The open-collar feeling in leather.”
These ads for “Roblee” men’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1955-58.

“Life Stride” Brown Shoe Company ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1958-1963]

“The young point of view in shoes.”
These ads for “Life Stride” women’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1958-63.

Daniel Green ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1963-1968]

“Neat feet… soft treat!”
These ads for Daniel Green women’s shoes and slippers date from 1963-68.

Sendra ~ Glove Adverts [1943-1945]

“The ultimate touch…”
These ads for Sendra gloves date from 1943-45.

Kayser ~ Glove Adverts [1939-1943] Illustrated

“The natural line is the beauty line.”
These illustrated ads for Kayser gloves date from 1939-43. Kayser, similar to Van Raalte, produced gloves, stockings and lingerie.

American Optical ~ Sunglasses Adverts [1946-1948]

“Engineered for comfort! Designed for beauty!”
These ads for American Optical sunglasses date from 1946-48.

Stetson Hats ~ Hat Adverts [1945-1948] Illustrations by Phil Dormont

“How to look every inch the country gentleman.”
These ads for Stetson Hats date from 1945-48. They were mainly illustrated by Phil Dormont, but other artists were also used here and there, including Slayton Underhill, Scott Evans, Edwin Dahlberg and a couple whose signatures I can’t read.

Spring Shoes ~ Women’s Fashion [1939]

“Giddy colours, queer heels adorn the spring shoes!”
These women’s shoes are from Life magazine, April 1939. They were notable for “the queerest heels and brightest colours in years”.

Fancy Feathered Hats ~ Women’s Fashion [1944]

“Birds make them huge and elegant.”
These wonderful hats are from Life magazine, October 1944.

Big Fall Hats ~ Women’s Fashion [1945]

“New York milliners show balloon silhouettes, curlicue crowns and jelly rolls gone glamorous.”
These wonderfully extravagant hats are from Life magazine, August 1945.

Fancy Crochets ~ Women’s Fashion [1945]

“An old and genteel art is used to make jaunty, stylish cloths.”
These lovely crocheted garments are from Life magazine, January 1945.

Flagg Bros ~ Men’s Shoe Adverts [1966-1972]

“Flagg shoes, for the outspoken few.”
These ads for Flagg Bros men’s shoes date from 1966-72.

Selby “Styl-EEZ” ~ Shoe Adverts [1938-1940]

“The worlds greatest name in women’s shoes.”
These ads for Style-EEZ by Selby Shoes date between 1938-40.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Fashion Accessories [1970-1976]

“Decorate your body with all sorts of things… Make a headband… wear it as a dog collar… wear it as an armlet… make it longer… wear it as a belt… Express Yourself!”Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for various fashion accessories, including, bags, belts and slippers. They date from 1970-77.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Scarves, Hats & Mittens [1967-1977]

“Bright touches to warm gay spirits from top to toe.”
Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for scarves, hats and mittens. They date from 1967-77.

“Air Step” Brown Shoe Company ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1944-1948]

“The shoe with the youthful feel.”
These ads for Air Step women’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1944-48.

Mele Jewellery Cases ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“Luxurious in every detail.”
These ads for Mele jewellery cases have the most wonderful illustrated backdrops. They are from 1967-68.

Wembley “Nor-East” Ties ~ Neckwear Adverts [1941-1942]

“Watch him crush it!”
These ads for Wembley neckwear date from 1941-42, and featured American wrestlers of the day doing their best to wrinkle their “Nor-East” ties.

Foster Grant Sunglasses ~ Adverts [1960’s]

“Isn’t that Peter Sellers behind those Foster Grants?”
From around 1965-68, Foster Grant ran a series of adverts featuring movie stars of the day wearing their sunglasses. Each photo had a quote by the star underneath, plus a few paragraphs about how mysteriously cool shades were. And looking at the photos, it’s hard to disagree!

Swatch Watch ~ Adverts [1980’s-1990’s]

“Switch To Swatch!”
These Swatch Watch ads are from 1983 to 1995. Swatch are still going strong to this day, with many designs which look straight out of the eighties!

Swatch Watch ~ Geometric Designs [1980’s-1990’s]

Swatch (from Swiss Watch) began production in 1983. Below are my favourite geometric/graphic designs designs from 1983-1993. They started off quite plain, but by 1988 they had got really bold!
At the bottom of the page are my favourite Pop Swatch designs from 1988-1993. They first made an appearance in 1987 with a plain strap and face, and became more fancy the following year.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Slippers [1960’s-1970’s]

“Slippers for little dreamers.”
Here are some super cute furry slippers from various catalogues from the 1960-70’s.

Van Raalte – Gloves ~ Adverts [1950’s-1960’s]

“Because you love nice things.”
Here is a small selection of my favourite Van Raalte glove adverts from the early 1950’s.

Connie Shoes ~ Advert [1970’s]

I just came across this deliciously funky 1973 pink and blue platform shoe advert for “Some Baby!” by Connie Shoes. I hoped to find a few more like it, but alas no luck. However, the next best thing to finding more magazine adverts, a 1972 commercial, animated by Sally Cruikshank. Just as amazing!

Crazy Sixties Sunglasses [1960’s]

Check out these groovy 1960’s white-framed shades. Sunglasses just too small? How about a welders shield attached to a headband?

Children’s Character Watches [1980’s]

Here is a collection of children’s character watches and clocks shown in various US Christmas catalogues from 1980-89 (found on Wishbook). I love the over-sized Strawberry Shortcake wall wrist watch clock!

Wembley Ties ~ Adverts [1940’s-1950’s]

“For me who have modern fashion ideas.”
These adverts for Wembley’s bold patterned ties are from 1948-51.