Latest Additions

JC Penney Menswear ~ Catalogues [1966]

“Young gentry sport shirts.”
These spiffy menswear catalogue images are from a 1966 JC Penneys catalogue and feature an array of mildly amused men sporting knitted cardigans, pullovers and shirts.

Diplomat Shops ~ Menswear Adverts [1973]

“You’ll stand out on any cool scene.”
These ads for Diplomat Shops menswear are from 1973. You simply can’t go wrong with plaid elephant bell pants.

Valentine Heart Adverts [1950’s]

“A Valentine should be so tender.”
Here’s a selection of valentine heart themed adverts from the 1950’s featuring a selection of goods, from shirts to peas!

Flagg Bros ~ Men’s Fashions Adverts [1972-1979]

“Rise On!”
These ads for Flagg Bros menswear, shoes and accessories date from 1972-79.

After Six ~ Men’s Formal Wear Adverts [1956-1979]

“What this generation needs is a formal education.”
These ads for After Six formal menswear date from 1956 to 1979.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Fashions For Him [1968-1975]

Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for men’s fashion. They date from 1968-75.

Arrow Shirts ~ Menswear Adverts [1939-1940]

“Don’t blame your laundry for your shirts’ iniquities.”
These fun and slightly bizarre ads for Arrow Shirts are from 1939-40.

Eleganza ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“Things happen when you wear Eleganza!”
These ads for mail order company Eleganza date from 1969-74.

Machismo ~ Men’s Fashion Shoot [Ebony, 1970]

“Body-clinging knits stress masculinity with lean, sexy look.”
Ebony magazine’s September 1970 fashion shoot for men, taken in New York Central Park, was based around “machismo”. And striped trousers.

Men At C&A ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Where value is always in fashion.”
These C&A menswear ads are all from UK teen music magazine Smash Hits, dating from 1983-86.

Blye International ~ Adverts [1968-1973]

“Bold new imported fashions for innovators only.”
These ads for Blye International menswear date from 1968-73.

Sears “The Men’s Store” Menswear Report ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“Fresh, fashionable, very wearable.”
These ads for Sears “The Men’s Store” were part of their Menswear Report campaign. They all date from 1976.

Hollywood Boulevard ~ Adverts [1975]

“Clothing to the Stars.”
These two ads for Hollywood Boulevard are from 1975.

Hi Styles ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“Cool cats look better with Hi Styles!”
These ads for Hi Styles date from 1972-74. Far out!

Chuck Norris “Action Jeans” ~ Adverts [1970’s-1980’s]

“The Secret? It’s in the crotch.”
Action Jeans (aka Kickin’ Jeans) were produced by Century Martial Arts from 1977 to 1991 and endorsed by Chuck Norris from 1981.

Leonardo Strassi ~ Menswear Adverts [1960’s]

“Peppier than pepperoni and getting hotter every season!”
These ads for men’s Italian clothing line Leonardo Strassi date from 1964-69.

Jaymar Slacks ~ Adverts [1960’s-1970’s]

“Sansabelt… the greatest thing that ever happened to men’s slacks!”
These men’s trouser ads by Jaymar are from 1966-79.

International Fashions ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“Unmistakable international…unquestionably today’s fashions.”
These ads for International Fashions date from 1970-75. They feature daringly dressed men with a lady hanging around in the background.

Swank ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“Your Saturday Night 3pc special makes you the big gun.”
These small black and white ads for Swank date from 1972-74 and feature some splendidly named men’s suits, descriptions and poses.

Smith House Of Leather ~ Adverts [1970’s]

These small black and white ads for Smith House Of Leather date from 1972-76 and feature some slightly awkward models.

Michelangelo Knitwear ~ Adverts [1960’s-1970’s]

The Fine Art of Italian Knits
These three ads for Michelangelo knitwear date from 1969 to 1970 and feature America Baseball player Walt Frazier.

Sedbury “Fashions For Men” ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“Fashions For Men”
These adverts for US mail order company Sedbury date from 1970-73. Bell bottom pants, open-front vests, wide lapels, cape shoulders, and all in a choice of scene stealing colours! Order mine in avocado.

Sears “The Comfort Shirt” & “Give n’ Take Slacks” ~ Adverts [1970’s]

“They’ve got all the moves.”
These adverts for Sears Give-n’-Slacks and The-Comfort-Shirt date from 1970-71.

Sears “The-Men’s-Store” Playboy ~ Adverts [1960’s]

This series of adverts for Sears “The-Men’s-Store”, dating from 1968-69, were photographed in the New York Playboy Club.

Bill The Hatter ~ Adverts [1970’s]

Bill The Hatter was (and still is) a mail order company founded in Chicago in 1949 dealing in men’s hats, shoes and clothing. The ads here are for their funky 1970’s men’s fashions.

Jet Magazine ~ Christmas Covers [1970’s-1980’s]

Today’s festive offering is a selection of cheesy Jet magazine Christmas covers from 1973 to 1985.

Lee Fits America – Adverts [1970’s]

Between 1974-79 Lee produced a series of adverts with simple bright coloured backdrops to show off their new clothing, and was topped off with some splendid text. The later ads included the “Lee Fits America” slogan.

Lee Can Change Your Image – Adverts [1970’s]

This set of Lee publicity shots from 1971 featured manly poses whilst wearing a lion’s head. Just a little bit bizarre.