Latest Additions

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1971-1975]

“We spot the trends. You make them.”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1971-75

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1967-1970]

“Goes where I go.”
These ads for Simplicity Fashion News, Simplicity’s new monthly mini-magazine, date from 1967-70.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1965-1967]

“If I can sew, you can sew.”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1965-67 and featured actresses, models and singers of the day.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1960-1964]

“The first totally new fashion magazine in a decade!”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1960-64 and feature the new Simplicity Magazine.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1958-1959]

“How to dress as if money were no object.”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1959-59.

Steven’s Fine Fabrics ~ Womenswear Adverts [1960]

“Your winter in amethyst.”
This eight-page advert for women’s fashions made from various Steven’s Fine Fabrics dates from 1960.

Machine Knitting Chic ~ Craft Magazine [1990]

“Elegant. Sporty. Excellent.”
This edition of Machine Knitting Chic was published in 1990 (no.5, £1.75) and included 30 over-ornamented jumpers with such wide shoulder that getting though doors must have taken some consideration.

Good Knitting with P&B ~ Craft Magazine [1963]

“Handknits for all the family.”
This small, A6 magazine by Patons & Beehive was published in 1963. It included instructions for nine designs as well as images of a selection of their other patterns. There was also hints and tips on various aspects of handknitting.

Ship ‘N Shore ~ Womenswear Adverts [1949-1950]

“Beauty on a budget…”
These ads for Ship ‘N Shore women’s fashions date from 1949-50.

Milliken ~ Womenswear Adverts [1947-1949]

“And best of all… it’s Milliken!”
These ads for Milliken women’s fashions date from 1947-49.

I. Magnin ~ Womenswear Adverts [1947-1948]

“Seeing the Magnin stores is a revelation.”
These ads for I. Magnin women’s fashions date from 1947-48.

Fashions In Orbit [Ebony, 1965]

“Italian designers capture tone of ‘way out’ world.”
Space-age fashions from Ebony magazine, October 1965.

Aralac ~ Womenswear Adverts [1945-1946]

“It’s Aralac!”
These black and white ads are for a fabric called Aralac and featured womenswear by a variety of designers. They date from 1945-46.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womensear Adverts [1944-1956]

“The finest woollens in the world.”
This long running ad campaign by Forstmann Woolen Company dates from 1944-56, and ran from September to April each year. The ads had a background of three swathes of fabric with a model wearing clothes made from them.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womenswear Adverts [1943-1944]

“Loomed For You”
This ad campaign by Forstmann Woolen Company dates from 1943-44. Each ad was participially framed with woollen fabric.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womenswear Adverts [1941-1942]

“For Lines That Live”
This ad campaign by Forstmann Woollen Company dates from 1941-42. Each ad featured a selection of black and white photographs of the same outfit from a different shoot.

White Swan Uniforms ~ Adverts [1971-1988]

“Professionally styled for cool efficiency.”
These ads for White Swan Uniforms are from 1971-88.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Ponchos, Cloaks & Shawls [1967-1977]

Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for ponchos, cloaks and shawls. They date from 1967-77.

Columbia Minerva Knitting Leaflets ~ Fashions For Her [1967-1977]

“Get with fashion’s newest rage. These handknits fly off your fingers with supersonic speed.”
Columbia Minerva knitting leaflets for Women’s fashion. They date from 1967-77.

Boutique Dress Shops, Tampa Bay ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“Unique clothing for women of distinction.”
This fine selection of boutique dress shop ads are from Tampa Bay Magazine, dating between 1986-88.

Clock House At C&A ~ Adverts [1980’s]

“No matter how fast the fashion trends change, Clockhouse keeps you right in style.”
These C&A “Clock House” womenswear ads are all from UK teen music magazine Smash Hits, dating from 1983-85.

The Machine Knitting Book by John Allen [1985]

“How to design and create beautiful garments on your knitting machine.”
The Machine Knitting Book by John Allen was published in 1985 and featured a wealth of highly dubious jumpers.

Acrilan ~ Womenswear Adverts [1956]

“Now… jersey you can wash and wear!”
These three ads for Acrilan (a synthetic acrylic fibre) are from 1956 and each feature three women wearing contrasting coloured clothing.

Acrilan ~ Womenswear Adverts [1955]

“A luxury sweater of Acrilan.”
These four ads for Acrilan are from 1955. Each advert featured a film star wearing an Acrilan sweater and the film they were currently staring in.

Borgana ~ Womenswear Adverts [1954-1957]

“Looks more like fur than fur itself.”
These ads for Borgana fake fur coats are from 1954-57.