Latest Additions

The Baby Machine ~ Newspaper Article [1959]

“And now a ‘space suit’ for mothers to be.”
Of the things I have found in this house, this must be the most peculiar so far! Found underneath the carpet, this is an article from the Daily Express, Friday 20th November 1959 about a new fangled birthing contraption.

Found Under The Carpet ~ Adverts [1950’s]

A selection of newspaper adverts dating from Nov/Dec 1959, found under the carpet!

Toys At Woolworths ~ Adverts [1950’s]

I found this large, full page ad for Woolworths toys under the carpet when it was pulled up a couple of years ago. It’s from the Daily Express, Friday November 20th 1959.

The Machine Knitting Book by John Allen [1985]

“How to design and create beautiful garments on your knitting machine.”
I bought this book a few weeks back, one look at the cover and I knew it had to be mine! It’s surprisingly informative even if the designs are now dated. Plus, I own a knitting machine so may even come in useful if ever I decide to knit myself a Batwing jumper…

Roald Dahl LP’s [1970’s]

I was really pleased to find these two Roald Dahl LP a short while ago, which are actually read by the author himself. There were at least four in this series (1975-1980), three read by Dahl and one by his wife Particia Neal. They have heavy cardboard covers and seem to be fairly hard to find in the UK.

LP’s & Singles [March 2016]

I bought these four LP’s whilst visiting the folks a couple of weeks back. There was a whole hoard of soft rock cover albums, and several copies of Felicity Kendal! I picked the one with the instruction sheet still inside, which unfortunately didn’t feature photographs Felicity showing is how to stretch.

Found In The Attic [April 2016]

On going through a few boxes and bags stored in the attic this weekend, I discovered a selections of items from the early 1970’s worth a second look. Amongst all the old paperwork, there were piles of cut-outs and clippings from various magazines, including sewing patterns and recipes, there was a large amount of greeting cards (used and unused) and a few old paper bags.

Barbara Cartland “The Romance Of Food”

“What woman does not long to be carried like a lamb in the arms of the man she loves.”
Yes, I actually bought this book! Published in 1984, it features over 170 pages full of cream-laden “aphrodisiacs for the young lovers”, all beautifully photographed in the kitsch-est 1980’s style imaginable. Replete with hearts, romantic quotes, health tip and knick-knacks galore, this is now one of my favourite recipe books which I don’t use, along with my Worzel Gummidge cookbook. Both classics.

LP’s & Singles [July 2015]

So, after a particularly long dry spell of not finding anything of much note in the way of charity shop music, I finally came home with this hoard on Wednesday! A pre-dentist jaunt around Rayleigh’s charity shops proved most fruitful. I don’t usually look through the 7″ piles, but am very glad I did after finding a large selection of 1960’s children’s records and a couple of 1980’s picture discs. I got everything below for the princely sum of £8.50. Bargain!

The Great Pantyhose Crafts Books [1980’s]

A few weeks back I received these eagerly awaited beauties; two craft books by Ed & Stevie Baldwin featuring some of the most creepy 1980’s pantyhose craft creations you’ll ever see. It was possibly more a “thing” in the US, where pantyhose sculptures were to be found adorning tables at church fates and old peoples homes the country over.

Ladybird Books “Well Loved Tales” Cinderella & Little Red Riding Hood

From time to time I come across old children’s Ladybird books in charity shops, the little hardback ones from the 1960’s-70’s. I recently happened to find a couple from the “Well Loved Tales” series of fairy tales and they reminded me how much I used to love the illustrations.