Delights for the sweet toothed.

Latest Additions

Fleers “Dubble Bubble” ~ Chewing Gum Adverts [1942]

“Betsy does it for fun!”
These ads for Fleers “Dubble Bubble” chewing gum date from 1942.

Life Savers ~ Breath Freshener Adverts [1942-1947]

“If she always struggles like this… When you wish she’d snuggle like this… Try this!”
These ads for Life Savers breath freshener sweets date from 1942-47.

Life Savers ~ Breath Freshener Adverts [1939-1942]

“They’re cool, cool, COOL!”
These ads for Life Savers breath freshener sweets date from 1939-42.

Curtiss Candy ~ Confectionery Adverts [1947-1949]

“Candy… rich in dextrose.”
These ads for various Curtiss candy date from 1947-49.

National Confectioners’ Association ~ Food Adverts [1946-1947]

“Candy’s dandy…keep it handy!”
These ads by the The Council on Candy of the National Confectioners Association date from 1946-47. Featuring illustrations by Vernon Grant, the ad campaign encouraged Americans to eat candy for energy.

Trolls Candy Mints ~ Confectionary Adverts [1946]

“Tasty, tempting, delicious!”
These ads for Trolls mint sweets are all from 1946.

McCormick-Shilling Egg Dye ~ Easter Adverts [1958-1963]

“For the gayest Easter eggs!”
These two adverts for food colourings are from 1958 & 1963.

Sweet Wrappers [1970’s & 1980’s]

Chewits, Black Jacks, Curly Wurly… I can feel my teeth disintegrating just thinking about all those lovely after school sweet treats! Here’s a selection of 1970’s & 1980’s original wrappers, from a time when penny sweets were still a penny.