Including various items relating to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, as well as decorating, electrical goods, DIY, finance and stationary. Below are the brands and products in this category.

Latest Additions

Fiberglas by Owns-Corning ~ Home Improvement Adverts [1957-1960]

“Comfort-Conditioned Homes!”
These ads for Fiberglas insulation, screening, and panelling by Owns-Corning date from 1957-60.

Bank America: Travellers Cheques ~ Adverts [1960] Illustrated

“”Money only you can spend.”
These illustrated ads for Bank America travellers cheques date from 1960. They were all long half-page ads with tri-colour block prints of various worldwide destination by an unknown artist.

Fels Naptha Soap ~ Laundry Adverts [1936-1939]

“Banish title-tattle grey!”
These black and white, long half-page ads for Fels Naptha Soap date from 1936-39.

Westclox ~ Clock Adverts [1967-1968]

“Big Ben’s family name is Westclox.”
These ads for Westclox clocks date from 1967-68.

Akai ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986]

“Okay, Akai.”
These three ads are from a triple page spread for Akai CD players, receivers and video players, dating from 1986.

Philips ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986-1987] Illustrated

“More woofers than Battersea dogs home.”
This illustrated ad campaign for various Philips CD/cassette players is from 1986-87.

Community ~ Cutlery Adverts [1943-1945] Illustrations by Jon Whitcomb & Michael

“Back home for keeps.”
This illustrated ad campaign for Community silverplate cutlery date from 1943-45.

Wurlitzer ~ Jukebox Adverts [1947] Illustrated by Albert Dorne

“Thrill to the tone and beauty!”
These illustrated Wurlitzer jukebox ads date from 1947-48, with artwork by Albert Dorne.

Morrell “Red Heart” ~ Dog Food Adverts [1950-1951] Illustrated

“Love that Red Heart!”
These illustrated ads for Morrell “Red Heart” tinned dog food date from 1950-51.

Cannon Towels ~ Bathroom Adverts [1946-1955]

“Show your colours!”
These ads for Cannon towels date from 1946-55.

Kellogg’s “Gro-Pup” ~ Dog Food Adverts [1950-1951]

“It’s made me what I am today!”
These ads for Kellogg’s “Gro-Pup” dry dog food date from 1950-51.

Cannon Towels ~ Bathroom Adverts [1944-1946]

“Wake Up and Dream!”
These ads for Cannon towels, dating from 1944-46, featured an array of towel-clad ladies drying themselves off in the bathrooms of tomorrow.

Cannon Towels ~ Bathroom Adverts [1943-1944] Illustrated by Stevan Dohanos, Fred Ludekens and James Bingham

“True Towel Tales”
These six ads for Cannon towels date from 1943-44, illustrated by Stevan Dohanos, Fred Ludekens and James Bingham.

Cannon Towels ~ Bathroom Adverts [1940-1943]

“Make dream bathrooms come true!”
These ads for Cannon towels date from 1940-43. Cannon also produced sheets and hosiery.

1847 Rogers Bros ~ Cutlery Adverts [1939-1945]

“America’s Finest Silverplate”
These celebrity endorsed ads for 1847 Rogers Bros cutlery date from 1939-45.

Philco “Alice’s Adventures in Philcoland” ~ Refrigerator Adverts [1948] Illustrated

“So WONDERful, it’s fit for a Queen!”
This ad campaign for Philco refrigerators date from 1948 and featured illustrated characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Westinghouse “Laundromat” ~ Washing Machine Adverts [1944-1945]

“To a man’s heart through his hide!”
These ads for the Westinghouse “Laundromat” washing machine date from 1944-45.

Westinghouse ~ Kitchen Electrical Adverts [1946-1949]

“Every house needs Westinghouse!”
These style of ad campaign for various Westinghouse kitchen electricals date from 1946-49.

Club Aluminum ~ Cookware Adverts [1945-1947]

“Hello, full-flavour cooking!”
These eye-catching, black-background ads for Club Aluminum cooking pots and pans date from 1945-47.

Fairbanks-Morse “Automatic Coal Burners” ~ Heating Adverts [1941]

“Man, that’s not the work for a lovely wife!”
These ads for “Automatic Coal Burners” by Fairbanks-Morse date from 1941.

General Electric “G.E Lamps” ~ Lighting Adverts [1946-1947]

“Are Bulbsnatchers people?”
These ads for G.E Lamps, produced by General Electric, date from 1946-47 and featured different celebrities of the time “bulbsnatching”!

American Gas Association ~ Energy Adverts [1941-1947] Illustrations

“The wonder flame that cools as well as heats!”
These illustrated ads for American Gas Association date from 1941-47.

Westinghouse “Mazda Lamps” ~ Lighting Adverts [1941-1942] Illustrations

“For better sight use better light!”
These black and white illustrated ads for Mazda Lamps, produced by Westinghouse, date from 1941-42. Unfortunately the artist/artists didn’t sign them so I don’t know who they are by.

Congoleum-Nairn ~ Floor & Wall Covering Adverts [1948-1949]

“Walls go gay!”
These double-page spread ads for Congoleum-Nairn linoleum and congoleum floor and wall coverings are from 1948-49.

Rinso ~ Laundry Adverts [1945]

“Whistle while you wash!”

These ads for Rinso laundry detergent are from 1945.

Nairn Linoleum ~ Flooring Adverts [1940-1941]

“Why, yes, your kitchen will be as gay and time-saving as these if you re-do it the ‘Never Before’ way!”
These ads for Nairn linoleum flooring are from 1940-41.

Rubbermaid ~ Kitchenware Adverts [1977-1979]

“We help around the home.”

These ads for various Rubbermaid household storage items date from 1977-79.

Bendix ~ Washing Machine Adverts [1946-1947]

“I’m out of the washday picture!”
These ads for Bendix washing machines are from 1946-47.