Latest Additions

The Kleenex Boutique Collection – Adverts [1960’s-1970’s]

Kleenex Boutique was produced from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. Bold colours and crazy paisley toilet paper and tissues, perfect to colour co-ordinate with your furry toilet seat cover! But, if having bright coloured toilet paper only in your bathroom wasn’t enough, a 36 page booklet was released in 1971 full of crazy crafts to spread around the home too.

Soft-Weve Toilet Tissue ~ Adverts [1950’s]

In 1957-59, Soft-Weve (by Scott) produced some beautiful fairytale style adverts for their toilet tissue. Featuring glamorous ladies wearing dresses specially designed to match the colourful toilet rolls they so decorously caress, it is easy to forget just what is being advertised!

Fur-tastic Bathroom Accessories of the 1970’s

Welcome madam, sir! Looking for some dubiously unhygienic fur coverings for your bathroom furniture? Well, step back into the 1970’s, you’ve come to the right place!