Latest Additions

Westclox ~ Clock Adverts [1967-1968]

“Big Ben’s family name is Westclox.”
These ads for Westclox clocks date from 1967-68.

Akai ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986]

“Okay, Akai.”
These three ads are from a triple page spread for Akai CD players, receivers and video players, dating from 1986.

Philips ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986-1987] Illustrated

“More woofers than Battersea dogs home.”
This illustrated ad campaign for various Philips CD/cassette players is from 1986-87.

Wurlitzer ~ Jukebox Adverts [1947] Illustrated by Albert Dorne

“Thrill to the tone and beauty!”
These illustrated Wurlitzer jukebox ads date from 1947-48, with artwork by Albert Dorne.

General Electric “G.E Lamps” ~ Lighting Adverts [1946-1947]

“Are Bulbsnatchers people?”
These ads for G.E Lamps, produced by General Electric, date from 1946-47 and featured different celebrities of the time “bulbsnatching”!

Westinghouse “Mazda Lamps” ~ Lighting Adverts [1941-1942] Illustrations

“For better sight use better light!”
These black and white illustrated ads for Mazda Lamps, produced by Westinghouse, date from 1941-42. Unfortunately the artist/artists didn’t sign them so I don’t know who they are by.

AMi ~ Jukebox Adverts [1960-1964]

“Exciting as a night on the town…”
These ads for AMi jukeboxes date from 1960-64.

Ever Ready “Gold Seal” ~ Battery Adverts [1985-1986]

“Go Go Go Gold Seal”
These fantastic collage ads for Every Ready “Gold Seal” batteries date from 1985-86.

Technics CD & Cassette Players ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1980-1986]

“A slight improvement on perfection.”
These Technics CD and cassette player ads date from 1980-86. They are all very sci-fi with dark backgrounds, moonscapes, lasers and grids.

General Electric ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1985-1986]

“No one lets you experience the Power of Music like General Electric.”
These General Electric portable cassette player and hi-fi ads date from 1985-86. Red-Hot-Power!

Toshiba Cassette Players ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1983-1987]

“This deck is loaded.”
These little b/w Toshiba cassette player ads date from 1983-87. Auto-reverse. Twin deck. Graphic equalizers. Anti-roll. What more could you want?

Columbia “Listening In Depth” ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1957-1958]

“A new experience in “360” high-fidelity.”
These Columbia “listening in depth” ads date from 1957-58.

Listen Webcor ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1956-1958]

“All music sounds better on a Webcor.”
These Webcor ads for their high fidelity fonografs and tape recorders date from 1956-58.