Latest Additions

Waxtex ~ Waxed Paper Adverts [1942-1943]

“America’s handiest food-saver!”
These striking black and white illustrated ads for Waxtex waxed paper are from 1942-43.

Kitchens Of Tomorrow [Life, 1943]

“Kitchens of tomorrow may look like this!”
This article is from a 1943 edition of Life magazine.

Frigidaire “Space Age Refrigeration” ~ Adverts [1960’s]

Frigidaire announces space age refrigeration!
These futuristic, sci-fiĀ inspired Frigidaire ads are from 1966. They all feature sixties clad models wearing bubble space helmets (or possibly fish bowls).

Kelvinator “Foodarama” ~ Adverts [1950’s]

These ads for Kelvinator’s “Foodarama” fridge/freezer are from 1955-59. After my initial amazement at the amount of food stored inside, my main thought was “why have they put bananas in the freezer?”. Turns out, there was a special unrefrigerated place added specifically to store bananas!