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Chrysler “Dodge Dart” ~ Car Adverts [1961]

“How to own big dreams on a small budget.”
These car ads for Dodge Dart by Chrysler are from 1961. They didn’t have a tagline as such, but all had “Dodge Dart!!” somewhere on them.

Shell “X-100” Motor Oil ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1951-1952] Illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff

“Your engine makes this much acid every day.”
These amazing illustrated ads for Shell “X-100” motor oil date from 1951-52 and featured artwork by Boris Artzybasheff.

Ford “Lincoln” ~ Car Adverts [1957-1958]

“Unmistakably…the finest in the fine car field.”
These car ads for Lincoln by Ford are from 1957-58.

Renault “Dauphine” ~ Car Adverts [1958-1959]

“Driving is fun again!”
These car ads for Renault “Dauphine” are from 1958-59.

Pontiac “Eight” ~ Car Adverts [1951]

“Dollar for dollar you can’t beat a Pontiac.”
These car ads for Pontiac “Eight” are from 1951.

Chrysler “Dodge Dart” ~ Car Adverts [1959-1960]

“So much fun for so little money!”
These car ads for Dodge Dart by Chrysler are from 1959-60.

Chevrolet “Corvair” ~ Car Adverts [1960]

“Small wonder – with a wonderful ride!”
These car ads for Corvair by Chevrolet are from 1960.

Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1947]

“Like magic!”
These ads for Sinclair “Opaline” motor oil are from 1947. The ads had a magical theme, and featured stars of current movies.

Ethyl ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1950-1952] Illustrated

“There’s a big difference between a lion and a dandelion.”
This somewhat bizarre illustrated ad campaign by Ethyl gasoline ran from 1950 to the beginning of 1952.

Lambretta ~ Scooter Calenders [1967-1970]

These images are from the Italian Lambretta calendars dating from 1967-70. Each year featured a different model throughout, including Jean Shrimpton, Claudine Auger, Marisa Mell and Raffaella CarrĂ .

Buick ~ Car Adverts [1964-1965]

“Wouldn’t you rather have a Buick?”
These ads for Buick cars are from 1964-65 and featured white background shots of individual cars taken at unusual angles to exaggerate the front or back of the car.

Chevrolet ~ Car Adverts [1948]

“Only Chevrolet is first!”
These striking ads for Chevrolet cars are from 1948.

Valvoline ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1945-1948]

“Faultlessly lubricated with Valvoline.”
These ads for Valvoline motor oil are from 1945-48.

Simoniz ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1937-1940]

“Makes cars stay beautiful!”
These ads for Simoniz car cleaner and polish are from 1937-40.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1964-1966]

“You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”
This ad campaign for Honda scooters dates from 1964 to early 1966.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1966]

“Some people have all the fun.”
This ad campaign for Honda scooters is from 1966.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1967]

“Honda shapes the world of wheels.”
This ad campaign for Honda scooters is from 1967.

Fisher Body ~ Car Adverts [1962-1968]

“Seat fabrics elegant enough to inspire a famous fashion designer.”
This ad campaign by Fisher Body (an automobile manufacturer owned by General Motors) ran from 1962-68. Many ads feature glamorous models wearing haute couture.

Fisher Body “Hovercar” ~ Car Adverts [1957-1959] Illustrations

“Makes time stand still.”
These amazing space-age style ads for Fisher Body date from 1957-59 and are a collage of photography and illustration.

Pontiac ~ Car Adverts [1959-1969] Illustrations by Art Fitzpatrick & Van Kaufman

“The only car with wide track wheels.”
These lovely illustrations for various Pontiac cars date from 1959-69. The artwork was created by Art Fitzpatrick (AF), who drew the cars, and Van Kaufman (VK), who drew the backgrounds.

Honda ~ Scooter Adverts [1985-1986] Celebrity Ads

In 1985-86, a rather bizarre collection of celebrities put their names to Honda Scooters for both magazine and TV commercials.