Spring Shoes ~ Women’s Fashion [1939]

“Giddy colours, queer heels adorn the spring shoes!”
These women’s shoes are from Life magazine, April 1939. They were notable for “the queerest heels and brightest colours in years”.

Simoniz ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1937-1940]

“Makes cars stay beautiful!”
These ads for Simoniz car cleaner and polish are from 1937-40.

Fleischmann’s Yeast ~ Health Adverts [1939-1940]

“Drink it… to your health!”
These ads for Fleischmann’s Yeast date from 1939-40. It was advertised as a cure-all for just about everything!

Dole “Hawiian Pineapple” ~ Food & Drink Adverts [1938] Illustrations by A.M. Cassandre

“Truly Hawaiian”
These three wonderful illustrated ads for Dole “Pineapple Juice” and “Pineapple Gems” were painted by A.M. Cassandre in 1938.

Northwestern School of Taxidermy ~ Adverts [1910-1953]

“For fun and profit!”
These ads for Northwestern School of Taxidermy date between 1910 and 1953. They are all from Popular Mechanics magazine.

Real Silk ~ Stockings Adverts [1939-1940]

“Gossamer glamour for the transcendent occasion.”
These ads for Real Silk hosiery date from 1939-40.

Selby “Styl-EEZ” ~ Shoe Adverts [1938-1940]

“The worlds greatest name in women’s shoes.”
These ads for Style-EEZ by Selby Shoes date between 1938-40.

Chesterfield ~ Cigarette Adverts [1937-1938]

“They’ll give you more pleasure.”
These ads for Chesterfield cigarettes date from 1937-38.

Colgate ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1939]

“Nobody makes a pass at me!”
These ad’s for Colgate toothpaste date from 1939. The comic strip style used continued for several years.

Squibb ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1939-1940]

“There’s gaiety in the taste of it…”
These ad’s for Squibb toothpaste date from 1939-40.

Colgate Toothpaste ~ Adverts [1938]

“Go ‘way! You’ve got bad breath!”
These ad’s for Colgate toothpaste date from 1938. The comic strip style used continued for several years.

Squibb ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1939]

“You can taste and feel the difference.”
These ad’s for Squibb toothpaste date from 1939.

Colgate ~ Toothpaste Adverts [1937]

“Her smile won him… but her breath lost him.”
These ad’s for Colgate toothpaste date from 1937. The comic strip style used continued for many years.

Playtex Makeup Cape ~ Adverts [1939]

“Prelude to loveliness!”
These ads for Playtex Makeup Capes date from 1939.

Bromo-Seltzer ~ Antacid Adverts [1937]

“Stop morning-after before it starts.”
These ads for Bromo-Seltzer antacid date from 1937 and were aimed at men who had partied too hard the night before!

The Bread Diet ~ Adverts [1939]

“Gain a youthful figure with the new bread diet!”
These ads by the American Institute Of Baking are from 1939. They recommended six slices of bread a day within their included diet to help reduce weight without losing energy. Sounds good to me!

Philip Morris ~ Cigarette Adverts [1938-1947]

“Call for Philip Morris.”
These ads for Philip Morris cigarettes date from 1938-47. I don’t know about you, but that bell boy creeps me out.

Easter Brings Eggs and Rabbits [Life, 1939]

These photos are from a Life magazine article dating 1939 which included a few lines on how toys were becoming more and popular as Easter presents, and also a little bit about why rabbits are associated with Easter.

Smith Bros ~ Cough Drops Adverts [1938-1942]

“Girls. You look ugly when you cough.”
These simple yet eye catching ads for Smith Bros Cough Drops date from 1938-42.

Spud ~ Cigarette Adverts [1939-1940]

“Save with Spuds!”
These adverts for Spud cigarettes are from 1939-40.

Latex Balloons, Meat & Pretty Girls [Life, 1939]

“A pretty girl steps inside a latex balloon.”
I recently came across this bizarre article from 1939, demonstrating the use of latex wrapping on meat by placing a semi-dressed lady inside a giant balloon and shrink wrapping her.

Van Raalte ~ Lingerie Adverts [1935-1946]

“Because you love nice things.”
These Van Raalte lingerie ads are from 1935-46.

Kellogg’s “Pep” ~ Breakfast Cereal Adverts [1939]

“So the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks!”
These ads for Kellogg’s whole-wheat breakfast cereal Pep date from 1939.