Ethyl ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1950-1952] Illustrated

“There’s a big difference between a lion and a dandelion.”
This somewhat bizarre illustrated ad campaign by Ethyl gasoline ran from 1950 to the beginning of 1952.

DuBarry Beauty Preparations ~ Makeup Adverts [1947-1951]

“Who is she?”
This black & white ad campaign for DuBarry beauty preparations ran from 1947 until at least 1951.

Charles of the Ritz ~ Makeup Adverts [1956-1959]

“Individual beauty, made to order!”
These ads for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics date from 1956-59, many of which were photographed through textured glass.

Provocative Percussion (Vol 1) by Terry Snyder and the All Stars [1959]

“A flight into new areas of sonic and musical experience.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Provocative Percussion” by Terry Snyder and the All Stars from 1959.

Bromo-Seltzer ~ Antacid Adverts [1950-1951]

“Where others fail Bromo-Seltzer works.”
These split-head ads for Bromo-Seltzer antacid date from 1950, with a change of design into 1951.

Exotic Dreams by Ethel Azama [1959]

“Martin Denny presents the enticing voice of Ethel Azama.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Exotic Dreams” by Ethel Azama, with arrangement by Paul Conrad from 1959.

Cocktails Anyone? by Bob Creash Quintet [1958]

“All-time favourites with a solid beat.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Cocktails Anyone?” by Bob Creash Quintet, 1958.

Northwestern School of Taxidermy ~ Adverts [1910-1953]

“For fun and profit!”
These ads for Northwestern School of Taxidermy date between 1910 and 1953. They are all from Popular Mechanics magazine.

Tareyton ~ Cigarette Adverts [1957]

“Mildness makes the difference.”
This ad campaign for Tareyton cigarettes dates from 1957. There were two different styles used; the earlier ads featured the models full back and turned head, and the later ads used just the heads.

Tareyton “Twosome” ~ Cigarette Adverts [1955-1956]

“The Tareyton Twosome”
This ad campaign for Tareyton cigarettes dates from 1955-56 and featured different sets of twins.

Valentine Heart Adverts [1950’s]

“A Valentine should be so tender.”
Here’s a selection of valentine heart themed adverts from the 1950’s featuring a selection of goods, from shirts to peas!

Parliament ~ Cigarette Adverts [1955-1956]

“You’re so smart to smoke Parliaments.”
These ads for Parliament cigarettes date from 1955-56. Specifically aimed at women, they featured various objects and accessories cleverly made from cigarettes.

After Six ~ Menswear Adverts [1956-1979]

“What this generation needs is a formal education.”
These ads for After Six formal menswear date from 1956 to 1979.

Fleischmann’s Whisky ~ Adverts [1959-1965]

“Fleischmann’s is the big buy!”
These ads for Fleischmann’s whisky date from 1959-65.

Christmas Smokes ~ Cigarette Adverts [1940’s-1950’s]

“Gifts that say Merry Christmas with every puff!”
Here’s some vintage cigarette adverts from the 1940’s and 1950’s with Santa pushing the smokes.

Forstmann Woolen Company ~ Womensear Adverts [1944-1956]

“The finest woollens in the world.”
This long running ad campaign by Forstmann Woolen Company dates from 1944-56, and ran from September to April each year. The ads had a background of three swathes of fabric with a model wearing clothes made from them.

Halloween Food & Drink Adverts

“Eat something ugly for Halloween.”
Here’s a selection of Halloween themed food and drink ads from various decades.

Halloween LP Covers [1950’s, 1960’s & 1970’s]

“Shock! Terror! Fear!”
Here’s a selection of spooky themed LP’s to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Baker’s Coconut: Animal Cut-Up Cakes Booklet [1959]

“Here are more of those Fun-to-Bake, Fun-to-Cut-Up cakes!”
This was the second little animal cake booklet by Baker’s Coconut, which was published in 1959 by General Foods Corp. There were fifteen different cake ideas, all decorated with Angel Flakes.

Baker’s Coconut: Cut-Up Cakes Booklet [1956]

“A calendar of new cake-making ideas!”
This little animal cake booklet from Baker’s Coconut was published in 1956 by General Foods Corp. They were all decorated with Angel Flakes and was one cake idea for each month.

Pond’s “Cold Cream” ~ Adverts [1958-1961]

“She’s busy… yet she’s beautiful… she uses Pond’s.”
These ads for Pond’s “Cold Cream” are from 1958-61 and feature famous actresses/models of the day, who were also busy mothers and wives.

Coca Cola “Coke On The Job” ~ Adverts [1959-1960]

“Coke-On-The-Job Keeps Workers Refreshed!”
These Coca Cola vending machine ads for employers are from 1959-60.

Coca Cola ~ Soft Drink Adverts [1957] Illustrations by Jack Potter

“Have a Coke has become a gracious custom in more than 100 countries of the world today.”
During 1957, artist Jack Potter created ten illustrations for Coca Cola’s “100 countries” ad campaign.

Coca Cola “Be Really Refreshed! ~ Adverts [1959-1960]

“Be really refreshed!”
These ads for Coca Cola are from 1959-60.

The Baby Machine ~ Newspaper Article [1959]

“And now a ‘space suit’ for mothers to be.”
This is an article from the Daily Express, Friday 20th November 1959 about a new fangled birthing contraption.

Found Under The Carpet ~ Newspaper Adverts [1959]

This selection of newspaper adverts from Nov/Dec 1959 are from various local and national UK papers.

Toys At Woolworths ~ Adverts [1959]

This large full page ad for Woolworths toys is from the Daily Express, Friday November 20th 1959.

Heublein’s Cocktails: Vincent Price & Billy Pearson ~ Adverts [1950’s]

“Cocktails… for the holidays!”
In Nov-Dec 1956, Heublein’s ready to serve cocktails produced two ads featuring actors Vincent Price and Billy Pearson brandishing a cocktail pitcher.