Chrysler “Dodge Dart” ~ Car Adverts [1961]

“How to own big dreams on a small budget.”
These car ads for Dodge Dart by Chrysler are from 1961. They didn’t have a tagline as such, but all had “Dodge Dart!!” somewhere on them.

Bank America: Travellers Cheques ~ Adverts [1960] Illustrated

“”Money only you can spend.”
These illustrated ads for Bank America travellers cheques date from 1960. They were all long half-page ads with tri-colour block prints of various worldwide destination by an unknown artist.

Du Pont: Dacron/Orlon ~ Menswear Adverts [1960-1961] Men’s Legs

“The luxury of Orlon.”
These ads for men’s trousers made from Du Pont “Dacron” polyester and “Orlon” acrylic fibre date from 1960-61. The long half page ads featured a relaxed pair of men’s legs at various leisure venues.

Westclox ~ Clock Adverts [1967-1968]

“Big Ben’s family name is Westclox.”
These ads for Westclox clocks date from 1967-68.

Chrysler “Dodge Dart” ~ Car Adverts [1959-1960]

“So much fun for so little money!”
These car ads for Dodge Dart by Chrysler are from 1959-60.

Valentines Heart Adverts [1960’s]

“Love & Cookies”
Here’s a selection of valentine heart themed adverts from the 1960’s, featuring a selection of goods from cuff links to meat!

Chevrolet “Corvair” ~ Car Adverts [1960]

“Small wonder – with a wonderful ride!”
These car ads for Corvair by Chevrolet are from 1960.

Magnificent ~ Hair Care Adverts [1968-1971]

“Let’s get it together!”
These ads for Magnificent hair care products date from 1968-71.

Duke ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1973]

“Women love that Duke look!”
These ads for mens hair styling product “Duke” date from 1960 to 1973.

Raveen ~ Hair Care Adverts [1960-1974]

“There you go being beautiful again!”
These ads for womens hair styling products “Raveen” date from 1960 to 1974.

“Life Stride” Brown Shoe Company ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1958-1963]

“The young point of view in shoes.”
These ads for “Life Stride” women’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1958-63.

Daniel Green ~ Women’s Shoe Adverts [1963-1968]

“Neat feet… soft treat!”
These ads for Daniel Green women’s shoes and slippers date from 1963-68.

Doubl-Glo ~ Christmas Decoration Adverts [1959-1963]

“Give your home the magic of Merlin with Doubl-Glo holiday decorations!”

These ads for Doubl-Glo Christmas decoration date from 1959-63.

Halloween Adverts [1960’s]

“No tricks if you treat ’em right!”
Here’s a selection of Halloween themed ads from the 1960’s.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1967-1970]

“Goes where I go.”
These ads for Simplicity Fashion News, Simplicity’s new monthly mini-magazine, date from 1967-70.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1965-1967]

“If I can sew, you can sew.”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1965-67 and featured actresses, models and singers of the day.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1960-1964]

“The first totally new fashion magazine in a decade!”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1960-64 and feature the new Simplicity Magazine.

Simplicity ~ Dress Making Adverts [1958-1959]

“How to dress as if money were no object.”
These ads for Simplicity dress making patterns date from 1959-59.

Charles of the Ritz ~ Makeup Adverts [1959-1966]

“It’s the fashion to wear made-to-order face powder!”
These ads for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics date from 1959-66.

Rogers ~ Lingerie Adverts [1960]

“Every man wants his woman on a pedestal.”
These Rogers lingerie adverts date from 1960.

Steven’s Fine Fabrics ~ Womenswear Adverts [1960]

“Your winter in amethyst.”
This eight-page advert for women’s fashions made from various Steven’s Fine Fabrics dates from 1960.

“The Sweet and the Swingin'” by Paul Weston [1960]

“A fresh contrast of melodic strings and swinging vocal patterns.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “The Sweet and the Swingin'” by Paul Weston, released in 1960.

Lambretta ~ Scooter Calenders [1967-1970]

These images are from the Italian Lambretta calendars dating from 1967-70. Each year featured a different model throughout, including Jean Shrimpton, Claudine Auger, Marisa Mell and Raffaella Carrà.

Good Knitting with P&B ~ Craft Magazine [1963]

“Handknits for all the family.”
This small, A6 magazine by Patons & Beehive was published in 1963. It included instructions for nine designs as well as images of a selection of their other patterns. There was also hints and tips on various aspects of handknitting.

Buick ~ Car Adverts [1964-1965]

“Wouldn’t you rather have a Buick?”
These ads for Buick cars are from 1964-65 and featured white background shots of individual cars taken at unusual angles to exaggerate the front or back of the car.

Double Exposures by Manny Albam & His Orchestra [1960]

“The wedding of pairs of songs.”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is “Double Exposures” by Manny Albam & His Orchestra, 1960.

Dole “Hawaiian Pineapple” ~ Food Adverts [1962-1966]

“Pick Dole: the pineapple with the fresh fruit taste.”
This ad campaign for Dole “Hawaiian Pineapple” dates from 1962-66. Each advert also included a recipe.

Accent on Bamboo by Tak Shindo [1960]

Big Band Standards With An Oriental Flavour
This weeks Sunday lounge listening is “Accent on Bamboo” by Tak Shindo, 1960.