Vidal Sassoon ~ Hair Care Adverts [c.1985]

“What your hair does for you, depends on what you do for your hair.”
These ads for Vidal Sassoon hair care products date from c.1985.

Akai ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986]

“Okay, Akai.”
These three ads are from a triple page spread for Akai CD players, receivers and video players, dating from 1986.

Better Badges ~ Punk Pin Badge Adverts [1979-1982]

“Step out in style in a snug comfortable badge!”
These ad for Better Badges punk pin badges date from 1979-82.

Philips ~ Hi-Fi Adverts [1986-1987] Illustrated

“More woofers than Battersea dogs home.”
This illustrated ad campaign for various Philips CD/cassette players is from 1986-87.

HMV ~ Chart Music Adverts [1981-1983]

“Cheap thrills at HMV!”
This style of black and white ad for HMV chart music ran from 1981-83.

World Of Curls ~ Hair Care Adverts [1982-1986]

“Unlimited stylage!”
These ads for World Of Curls hair care products date from 1982-86.

The Doctor Who Pattern Book ~ Craft Books [1984]

“A galactic collection to knit and sew!”
The Doctor Who Pattern Book by Joy Gammon was published in 1984 and featured all kinds of weird and wonderful things to knit and sew.

Miss Piggy’s Aerobique ~ Exercise Workout Album [1982]

“Dance movements so simple you can actually perform some of them in your sleep!”
This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is something a little different, with Miss Piggy’s Aerobique, from 1982. With routines such as “Snackcercise” and “Sit Down”, this is a form of exercise I could get into. Tre excellent!

Low-Impact Aerobics, High-Impact Lycra [Working Mother, 1986]

“Tired of huffing and puffing, jiggling and jogging?”
This article on low-impact aerobics is from Working Mother magazine, Nov 1986. It goes without saying, my favourite move has to be the funky chicken, although anything performed in these glaring lycra outfits would be pretty funky.

Beach & Resort Wear [Ebony, 1980]

“Designer resort wear so new and snazzy they’ll make all heads turn.”
This fashion shoot for Ebony magazine from Feb 1980 starts of fairly average then takes a swift turn into the bizarre and grotesque with monkey fur, the “gay ’90’s”, leopard print and chamois leather.

Care Free Curl ~ Hair Care Adverts [1981-1989]

“Be daring. Be bold.”
These ads for Care Free Curl hair products by Soft Sheen date from 1981-89.

Get In Shape Girl by Hasbro ~ Catalogues [1986-1987]

“A fitness programme for today’s young girl.”
During the mid to late 1980’s, Hasbro produced a line of fitness sets aimed at young girls.

Virginia Slims 120’s ~ Cigarette Adverts [1985]

“The longest Slims of all.”
These ads for Virginia Slims 120’s cigarettes date from 1985.

Virginia Slims Ultra Lights ~ Cigarette Adverts [1987-1988]

“The lightest style of Slims.”
These ads for Virginia Slims Ultra Lights cigarettes date from 1987-88.

Virginia Slims ~ Cigarette Adverts [1960’s-1980’s] Fat Fingered Men

“We make Virginia Slims especially for women because they are biologically superior to me.”
These ads for Virginia Slims cigarettes date from 1968-84 and were slightly tongue in cheek.

Virginia Slims Lights ~ Cigarette Adverts [1979-1983] Style 2

“You’ve come a long way baby.”
These ads for Virginia Slims Lights cigarettes with a plain white background date from 1980-83.

Virginia Slims Lights ~ Cigarette Adverts [1980-1985] Style 1

“In the crush-proof purse pack.”
These ads for Virginia Slims Lights cigarettes date from 1980-85 and continued in the same two styles as the original cigarettes.

Virginia Slims ~ Cigarette Adverts [1980’s] Style 2

“You’ve come a long way baby.”
These ads for Virginia Slims cigarettes date from 1980-89 and continue in the same style as the previous decade.

Virginia Slims ~ Cigarette Adverts [1980-1991] Style 1

“You’ve come a long way baby.”
These ads for Virginia Slims cigarettes date from 1980-91.

Capari ~ Cigarette Adverts [1988-1990]

“The slimmest slim!”
These ads for Capari cigarettes date from 1988-90.

Capari ~ Cigarette Adverts [1987]

“The slimmest slim in town.”
This ad campaign for Capari cigarettes dates from 1987.

Musical Instruments in Catalogues [1960’s to 1990’s]

“Get in on the swinging sound!”
Here’s a selection of images featuring children playing musical instruments from various catalogues dating from 1970-90’s.

Blue Peter Annual Christmas Crafts [1962-1982]

Last Christmas I bought myself a large pile of vintage Blue Peter annuals. It was never one of my favourite programmes on telly, but I did enjoy the craft items they made out of toilet rolls and sticky back plastic! Here’s a few Christmas crafts from various annals dating from 1965-82.

White Swan Uniforms ~ Adverts [1971-1988]

“Professionally styled for cool efficiency.”
These ads for White Swan Uniforms are from 1971-88.

Children’s Fancy Dress Patterns [1970’s-1990’s]

“Costumes galore!”
Wondering what to dress up for Halloween this year? Look no further!

Frightful Trading Card Wrappers [1980’s]

“Cards – Stickers – Bubblegum”
Here’s a selection of horror movie themed trading card wrappers by Topps from the 1980’s.

LoveLines: Girls Accessories ~ Catalogues [1988]

LoveLines were a range of girls accessories produced by Delavennat in 1988. The line included sunglasses, umbrellas, bags, purses and a few other accessories.

Hanes Alive ~ Support Pantyhose Adverts [1979-1983]

“No one knows I’m wearing support pantyhose.”
These Hanes Alive support pantyhose adverts date from between 1979-83.